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How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1992 Astro van?

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I just replaced mine a month ago. I could not even find out what the damn thing even looked like, so I went to an auto parts store and had the guy pull one and show me. NOW I know what I'm looking for. It is really hard to even see it at all from underneath because of all the wires.

The switch is on the steering column about 18-24" inches from the floor, down ON the TOP side of the steering column. There are (2) 3/8" bolts holding it on and are a little challenging to get off and then back on again. I used a 1/4" drive ratchet wrench and I HIGHLY recommend using it even if it means buying one. This tool will save you almost an hour in time. You are wrestling alot of wires and a hand wrench is nearly impossible to use. (Trust me, I tried it.)

This is a fairly easy job. If you follow these instructions, it should take you about an hour or less.


  • 1) Disconnect the NEGATIVE battery cable.
  • 2) Find the switch (laying on your back with a flashlight) and disconnect the (2) wiring connectors going to it by pushing the retaining tabs in.
  • 3) Make sure the vehicle is in park.
  • 4) Lower the steering column down by removing the 2 large nuts underneath the column (11/16"??) and GENTLY push down on the column until it rests on the seat.
  • 5) Reach your hand down into the space on top of the column between the dash and the lowered steering column.
  • 6) Remove the (2) 3/8" screws and LIFT the switch STRAIGHT UP.


  • 1) This is a little tricky ONLY because there is usually a (depending on year, make & model) a thin gray metal high beam rod that extends from the high beam switch down and into the ignition switch. Align the new switch & attach the screw closest to the firewall LOOSELY, so that you can pivot the the switch slightly downward and re-insert the high beam rod into the switch.
  • 2) With the rod in place, now attach the the other 3/8" screw loosely.
  • 3) Reach under the dashboard, pull the switch toward the steering wheel and tighten each screw firmly.
  • 4) Now pull the high beam switch & make SURE you hear the switch "click". If the switch doesn't "click", the switch is NOT close enough to the steering wheel OR the rod may not be in the hole. Repeat Step 3 above and re-test.
  • 5) If you hear the click, tighten the screws all the way.
  • 6) Insert the wiring connectors.
  • 7) Begin gently lifting the steering column back in place and re-install the nuts. Before completely tightening the column nuts, insert the ignition key and make sure it rotates completely.
  • 8) Finish tightening the column nuts.
  • 9) Install the negative battery cable.
  • 10) Try starting the van.

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