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How do you remove the ignition without the key 94 caravan?

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The caravans have an ignition key module affixed`to the steering column by three screws. Remove the plastic covering the key switch and you will see the screws. Remove the screws and the module can be replaced. My module stopped working so I was going to break the switch to get the car started, when I noticed the setup, so instead of breaking anything I just removed it and went to the wrecking yard with my old key and the key worked on the second caravan I tried. How about that luck!!!

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How do you remove ignition lock key without key?

Removing a ignition lock cylinder from a 2002 ford windstar with no key

How do you remove a key that is stuck from the ignition of a 1996 Dodge Caravan Steering wheel is not locked and cannot start the vehicle?

You can't, you have to replace the ignition switch

How do you remove a lock cylinder from a ignition swith without a key on a 1965 Chevy?

Without the key you are going to have to drill it out.

How do you remove the ignition lock cylinder on a 66 Chevelle without the key?

you don't, you need a key.

How do you remove the key from the lock ignition?

1996 rodeo- how to remove key from lock ignition?

Why can you remove the ignition key from a 1998 Eclipse without turning off engine?

The key and the ignition lock are badly worn. Try a different key if it doesn't fix it you need to replace the ignition lock.

Can the key cylinder in a 1989 Plymouth Caravan be removed without the key?

Is this in the door? The ignition? I'm not sure about the ignition but if you can get inside the vehicle you can easily remove the door tumbler without the key. It would be as simple as removing it as if you had the key. Remove the door panel, get behind plastic insulation/ noise barrier and disconnect the rod going to the tumbler, pull the clip that holds it in and out it falls. Then off to the key shop to get a new key made. A haynes would be helpful for this because it should be able to describe in detail how to remove the door panel etc. Hope this helped.

How do you remove and install a ignition key from a Saturn?

Push the key into the ignition. To remove, push in, then turn towards you to remove the key. I do not know how to remove and replace the whole ignition assembly in case that was your real question.

How do you remove the ignition lock barrel of a 1974 Nova without the key?

you need the key to get it out unless you a car thief.

How do you remove ignition key stuck in Chevy colbalt?

how to remove key stuck in ignition switch in Chevy colbalt

How do you remove ignition switch without ignition key on 1992 Mustang?

It would need to be drilled. Best to just call a locksmith.

How do you remove the ignition barrel on a 1992 VN Commodore without using the key?

you need to have the ignition barrel in the on position otherwise you cant to it.

Can't turn ignition to remove how else can you remove the ignition to replace?

You have to have the key to that ignition to remove it. You can get a locksmith maybe. The dealership can make you a key from your vin# definitely good luck.

How do you remove a Mercedes ignition switch without having the key?

Whay type of model do you have? 300E

How do you stop the key in ignition chime when the key isn't in the ignition?

Find and remove the chime.

How do you remove a ignition key tumbler in a 1977 Chevy pickup?

Remove the retaining ring from the top of your 1977 Chevrolet pickup truck ignition key tumbler. Slide the ignition key tumbler out. Remove the wiring harness from the end of the key tumbler.

Can a airbag deploy without a key in the ignition?

i was at a demo for the jaws of life, and the guy said if at the seen of an accident and the airbags did not deploy just remove the key from the ignition. the airbag will not go off

How do you get an ignition out of a 99' Chevy 1500 without a key does it have to be drilled out?

If you take the vin number and proof of ownership you can go to a Chevrolet dealer and they can cut you a new key. I kinda think the OP is asking how to remove the Ignition Switch. You need the key to remove the switch without drilling and making a mess of the housing.

Can you remove the ignition switch on a 98 explorer without the key?

Not without picking it over or breaking it. The switch needs to be turned, and the retainer depressed to remove the lock cylinder.

How do you remove the ignition key from a Ford Mustang when the key is stuck. The motor starts but I cannot remove the key.?

Use the opportunity to replace the ignition. Key needs to be in On position for removal.

How do you remove the ignition on a ford econoline van?

To remove the "key" ignition, insert a small screwdrived in the hole directly below the ignition in the column. You will need to have the key in the ON position otherwise the ignition will not come out of the column.

Can't remove key from ignition switch?

i have a 06 Chevy cobalt and can't get the key out of the ignition switch

How doi remove ignition without key from 1986 Toyota pickup truck?

Begin by removing the retaining ring at the top of your 1986 Toyota pickup truck ignition switch. The ignition switch will slide out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition switch.

How do you remove a key that is stuck in the ignition?

See You-Tube Video : How to Remove a broken key from an Ignition. Using the Broken Key Extractor Kit from:

How do you get a key stuck in the ignition out in a 2000 buick regal ls?

There is an access cover just under the ignition cylinder. Remove this to remove the stuck key.