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Remove Interior Door panel Mazda TruckI can answer this question for a 1999 B3000 Mazda Truck. I just figured it out. It was extremely easy. My purpose for removing my inside door panel was to replace the side view driver's side mirror.

There are four screws that need to be removed. Two of them hold the plastic trim(yours could be cloth covered) that is around the opening lever mechanism for the door. But before you can remove that piece of trim you will have to remove the crank handle for the window. TO remove the crank handle- The handle itself is "capped" by a piece of plastic that when pryed upon will pop part of the way off. Where the crank handle meets the door panel, get a firm grip with your hand and tug on it gently. BE CAREFUL! as the piece of plastic cap over the handle will not come all the way off. You need only remove it enough to push it to the side a few inches so you can access the Allen screw that is running through the handle and securing it to the mechanizm that rotates and cranks the window up and down.

The little round piece that you grab to spin your window crank and the cap piece of plastic that covers the handle itself do not completley separate.

Once you pop that piece of plastic trim off enough to access the Allen screw- simply remove the Allen screw. This will allow the large plastic trim piece to come off easily.

There is a thrid screw at the bottom of the door facing the interior of the truck if the door was closed. You can't miss it. Mine was shiny:) Remove it.

THere is a fourth screw that will be instantly exposed as soon as you get the crank handle off and remove the big plastic trim piece.

Remove that fourth screw and you will be able to simply lift that entire inside door panel right off the frame. Good LuckPaul in Phoenix, AZ

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Q: How do you remove the inside door panel on a 98 Mazda pickup?
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