How do you remove the instrument panel on a 1998 Toyota Sienna?

Check to see if your ignition night light bulb still works. That's the light that illuminates the ring around the ingnition switch when the doors are opened. You may want to get a new bulb before reinstalling the panel. If memory serves. Only 2 screws. Pop off the cover plastic around the radio area. That will expose a screw that goes up into the lower right corner of the panel. Take that out. Loosen the screw on the left side of the panel where the door opens. Pull the panel away a bit and disconect the wire conector blocks. There are connectors on the left and right for the lights, clock and other items. The connectors have tabs to be depressed in order to separate them. There is also a small bulb for the ignition switch light that needs to be removed. Don't forget to install it when reinstalling the panel. It may be burnt out anyway as mine was. Lift the panel up and away. I had to do this after repairing my clock that got to dim to see. Dave