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I've got the same problem, except I own a 00 Marquis. I took my car to a friend of mine who works at a near by stereo shop where they install car stereos all day. He said to undo the two screws located above the speedometer and the rest is held in place by locator pins. I haven't tried this yet myself but it seems logical. Also, let me know if you came up with some better info on your own.


I just removed my instrument panel and I had to pry off the decorative trim (snap in connectors)under the panel on both sides of the steering wheel and across the length of the car to get to six screws that hold the bottom part of the panel. You have to remove the two screws above the speedometer as described above, and I had to remove the radio. The panel tilts from the bottom and pulls out, then you have access to the four screws that hold the instrument cluster in place. You also have to remove the connectors for the headlight switch and intrument panel dimmer switch to completely remove the panel.


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Q: How do you remove the instrument panel on a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis?
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