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Q: How do you remove the interior panel on the hatch of a 5-door 1998 Toyota Corolla?
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Is the Daewoo Lanos s 5door hatchback fitted with an immobilizer?

If there is a red blinking light on top of the dashboard(blinks every second or so), then, yes, it is!

Location of map sensor on 2003 fiesta 1.4 tdci?

hai my car is ford fiesta zetec 2003 5door ,in my cay o2 sensor have fault .can you tell me how many o2 sensor are there and were is location

Had the 2000 model of the fiat punto 1.2 5door central locking?

This depends on the trim level of the car. For example, an ELX model would have central locking, possibly Remote c/l...whereas the base model would not.

How many panes of glass can be found in a typical hatch back car?

Normally a hatchback has a windscreen, rear window, 2 front door windows and 2 rear passenger windows. In a 5door car the rear passenger window is normally split into 2 (one stationary and one that can wind up or down). If a pane is defined as an individual window, a 5 door hatchback normally has 8.

How do you reset the electric windows on 2003 ford focus?

My manual suggests this:- First off make sure all doors and windows are shut. Lift the button (to close) and hold it for a few seconds Then release it. Next lift the button again for one second. Next Press button (to open) and keep it pressed until the window is fully open. Release. Next lift button and hold it until the window has completely closed. Now try your one-shot down then up. Just tried it on mine and it solved my problem. Mine is a focus cab but this process also worked on my 2005 5door

What is the best Ford Fiesta model?

"Best" is a pretty general term, so I'm not sure if this will answer your question, but I used to drive a Mk3 Ford Fiesta Si. It was the most fun car I have ever driven so if that's what you're looking for, then I'd recommend it. It has its practicalities as well. Mine was a 5door model, so you could easily get five people in it, the boot is big enough for day-to-day use, and it ran sweet as a nut! I cannot speak from experience, but if you're looking for something a little faster than that, I imagine the Mk3 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo would fit the bill.

Hello to all please help meI have a Car Citroen c5 2001 model 5door you are having prob in front screen wash When you press from inside of car so there comes no water on front screen?

I had a similar problem where the front screen wash would often stop working. I could get it going again for a week or two by removing the tube under the hood and forcing air down into the pump with a bicycle pump. It was as if there was some dirt which I could displace but would always return to cause the blockage. Eventually I took the plunge and dived in. It's a big job but not as bad as I'd feared. Someone told me the screen-wash bottle was behind the front wheel and that you need to remove the wheel and the trim under the wheel arch. Wrong ! To gain access to it you don't need to remove the front wheel but you do have to remove the whole of the plastic front of the car - the bit with the number plate on. It will need two of you to lift it off but it's not as bad a job as it sounds. Simply search for all the screws and clips, starting with the four torx bolts near the screen-wash filler. Having removed all the fixings you need two people, one each side, to pull the whole section of trim forward and disengage it from the body. It's a bit frightening to discover you are holding what appears to be about a quarter of the car and it's all plastic but, having done that, you now have full access to the screen-wash bottle. So - I removed the screen-wash bottle. Put it in the sink, filled it with bleach and hot water. Gave it a very thorough clean out and replaced it. Guess what ? Problem remained !!! On a "kill or cure" basis I then removed the pump itself and blew down the outlets with compressed air at 100psi. Whatever was in there must have blown out because it's now fine. If only I'd known I would have blown the compressed air down the feed pipe without all the dis-assembly but there is a danger that if you do this you might blow the tube off the pump nipple so you'd have to take the car apart anyway to put it back. One thing I still don't understand is how this system manages to send the water to the front or rear screen as required. There's only one pump but it has a dual outlet. If you run the pump with no tubes attached water squirts out of both nipples. Can anyone solve the mystery of how it differentiates between front and rear screens ?

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