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ON my 99 Windstar there are 2 screws on the bottom of the door.There is screw holding the door handle cup on as well.With those removed there are clips along both sides that can be can be removed by prying stright back.You can see/ feel them from the side.A long screw driver should do the trick. A slow stady pull works best, they give a loud snap when they let go When those are out the panel lifts straight up. The middle seat removed makes for more room to work, also having the door open a little.

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How do you take the interior plastic panel off of a 1998 windstar on the sliding doorI have a dent on the outside metal and want to pop it out?

Click on the Wikka Answers link below I answered this one - generally most vehicles are the same just the screws are in different areas. Hope it helps

Windstar sliding door rattle?

If the door is rattling while driving you may need to replace the plastic insulator. Open the door and check the rolling bearing at the bottom.

Is a sliding door of a Windstar 2001 compatible to - fit a sliding door for a 2002 Windstar Sport?

It is very very likely the doors are interchangeable. The 1999 through 2003 Windstars were essentially unchanged.

How do you fix a Windstar Back Sliding Door?

you have to just keep trying to open it

Do they make a windstar with only one side sliding door?

Ford was rather late in the mini-van game when they added the second sliding door in 1999, and continued it to the end of the Windstar name in 2003. Trivia Tidbit: The successor to the Windstar name was the "Freestar" and coincided with the introduction of the twin Mercury Monterey. I do not believe any single side door Windstar was offered after 1998.

Your interior lights stay on for 15-20 minutes after you shut off engine on 98 Windstar how do you get them to shut off?

censor in the side sliding door needs 2 be changed or the other doors,try narrowing it down to one of thes doors i did.

What does sliding do?

Sliding helps you get to a base when the ball is being thrown to the person covering that certain base. You slide to get under the ball so they have a harder time tagging you.

How do you disable one power sliding door on a Ford Windstar and keep one powered?

Each sliding door has their own motor. Disconnect the wiring to the little motor inside the door you want disabled.

How to fix passenger sliding door?

The passenger sliding door of a Ford Windstar LX needs frequent cleaning and checking of the rubbers to prevent jamming. If a door jams a lot during sliding, take out the rubber linings and clean them up before re-attaching.

1998 ford windstar interior lights will not come on when doors are opened but work when turned on manually engine module or engine computer controls lights and bells where is it and does it need repla?

Under the dash on the drivers side there should be some relays (black square). Check your manual for where the interior light relay is. The problem is most likely the sensor on the sliding door. Good Luck.

Why want the sliding door open on your 1995 ford windstar van?

There is a child safety lock on the door itself,could be on the front end of sliding door too.not really sure though but good luck on that prob.

Where is my olds auroras Diagnostic port?

under steering wheel/dash board and has a sliding door covering its opening

2002 Windstar SEL how do you stop the sliding right hand door from rattling it is not electric?

There adjustable bolts holding your sliding door at the top and bottom. They maybe loose or the door may require adjusting. It's an easy fix.

2000 ford windstar auto sliding door does not completely close all the way?

check the striker plate may need to be replaced or tightened

How do you adjust a sliding electric door which wont latch - Windstar 2000 Passenger rear door closes but pops back open especially in cold weather Can the steel pull cable be tightened or loosened?

The Ford Windstar sliding passenger door has adjustments on the roller guides. There are roller guides on the top and the bottom of the door. There are also adjustments on the stationary door latch.

Define lubricity of plastic?

The inverse of it's sliding friction coefficient. It's slippery-ness.

How do you disable the power sliding door on a Ford Windstar so the doors can be used manually?

Turn the door switch located at the front of the overhead console to off.

How do you replace a 92 accord driver side inside door handle?

There is a cap covering a screw in the middle of the door handle plastic, remove the cap then remove the screw. Next you need to slide the door handle plastic to the left or the right (I am not sure ) until it becomes loose. Then pull out the side with the power locks switch and disconnect the connector. Then swing the plastic all the way out so you can disconnect the rod for the door handle. This is done by sliding the plastic clip off of the top of the rod then pulling the rod up...

Why won't my 2001 ford windstar rear power sliding door unlock?

I had the same problem seems that the tumblers for the lock were seised up took it in to get it fix an was out in 15 mins.

What are the five pins on the side sliding door for on the Windstar?

they are electrical connections for the stereo speaker and door lock.AnswerSee "Related Questions" for in-depth discussion on rear lift-gate sensors

What companies offer interior glass doors in Houston?

Companies in Houston that specialize in interior glass doors include: Houston Showroom, Masonite, the Sliding Door Company, Thomas Net, Bison Building and Merchant Circle.

On a 1998 ford windstar interior lights will not go out where are the door switches located?

Very common problem with Windstars.The problem is more than likely the sliding door. Open the door and spray WD40 on the door latches until you can move them with your fingers easily.There are two latches on the sliding door. One is towards the front where it meets the vehicle when the door is closed. The other is on the back of the door.After you spray both latches open and close the sliding door a couple of times.It's *all* the doors that suffer this false door ajarproblem.Review the "Related Questions" below for much more about dealing with them...

What is a sliding friction?

sliding friction is when you are sliding

What controls the electric sliding doors on your 2000 ford windstar everytime you try to replace fuse6 it blows out?

check that the door contact switches are not grounding against the frame... good luck dave

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