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How do you remove the key from a Mazda 323 ignition barrel?


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2011-09-12 20:32:27

I assume it's either stuck or broken off. Is it the off/lock position? The Accesory On psotion is the first past the Lock/Off position and older lock cylnders sometimes stick in the Accessory On position. If you can't move the key to the Off/lock positon, try wigglign the key a littel to see if you can rotate the key all the way back towards you. Teh alternative is to remove the ignintion lock assmbly completely adn take it to a locksmith.

To remove the ignition swtich assembly, disconnect the battery, remove the 5 screws holding the steering binacle, pry apart and remove. Next drill small holes into the tops of the breakaway bolt heads and use a screw extracter tool to unthread the bolts. Remove the two screws holdign the switch assembly to the base of the igtnion lock body.

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you may want to try this: - remove the center cover (horn switch)(im not so familiar the names of the parts) of your steering wheel by removing the screws underneath. - remove the steering wheel. You may use your cross tire wrench to remove the nut that holds the steering wheel. pull-off the steering wheel. - unscrew the plastic covers of the steering rod/tube. - disconnect the snap-in connection of the electrical wirings of the ignition switch - unscrew the holder (metal belt) of the ignition barrel. - an ordinary locksmith can fix your ignition switch.

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