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How do you remove the number three spark plug in a 1995 S-10 Chevy Blazer with the steering shaft in the way?

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January 19, 2009 6:14PM

Go to Autozone and purchase the deepwell sparkplug socket that is permanently attached to a long extension with a built in swivel between the socket and the extension. This will alow the socket to swivel slightly so you can get the sparkplug out. This is needed because the steering shaft is in the way when you want to use your socket to get in and loosen the plug from a straight ahead position (which you can't do). Use a sparkplug starter to get the plug back in and then use the deepwell swivel socket to tighten it. This is after you remove the wheel and go at the plugs through the wheelwell. I replaced spark plugs on both a 2000 blazer and a 1997 blazer. The only difference was the thickness of the steering shaft. What I did was pulled the rubber sleeve down on the shaft. When this is out of the way you will see that the shaft isn't round. It?s more of an oval shape. You will need to turn your steering wheel until the flat part of the steering column is on a 45 degree angle. Now take a deep 5/8 socket (your basic sparkplug socket won't work it's not deep enough. You need this depth to go over the plug enough to slip past the drive shaft.) And come from the bottom right of the steering column. You will be able to slip your socket on the plug. Now comes the part where you wish you had three hands. You need to keep the socket on the plug and the take a box end wrench coming from the fire wall side and place it on the end of your socket. Now lift up (counter clockwise). When you install the new plug this is where a rubber hose comes in handy. I don't know how many times I dropped the plug before I started using the rubber hose. Once you have your plug in, go through the same process for the tightening. Using the socket and wrench. Going through this trouble is worth not having to pay around a hundred dollars for a shop to do the same thing. On my 1993 blazer I just lifted the wheel well cover and got at it front there with the help of a u-joint. you can take the tire off and turn the your wheel all the way left to kinda get it out of the way and use your fingers or a rubber hose to get it in. And you cant get it from the top i broke the old top off the spark plug that was in good luck