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How do you remove the outer door panel to repair the driver's window?

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You must release dont take off rear view side mirror remove small panel you will see 3 nuts release them, you will find screws around inside panel take them all out the outside door handle has plastic keepers under the handle push center plastic keeper out with scracth all them remove larger outside keeper with needle nose pliers or sharp knife. remove window trim on edge of door lip. with window down if you can get it down pull panel out from bottom and then up be patient it will come off. rver10@sbcglobal if you have more questions

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How do you replace the window guides on a 1996 Saturn sl2?

Remove the OUTER door skin to get to the window hardware. Lift the outer handle, press out the two retaining pins then, with the door open, remove the screws that are around the edge. You will find some of them by examining the bottom inside of the door. After the screws and outer door handle are removed, the door skin just lifts off and you can get to all of the window hardware.

How do you replace the door window in a Saturn sc1?

Remove outer door skin(if you need directions for this try your local library for a service manual)lower window glass remove glass nuts with toolSA9148B push glass up and rotate slightly remove door glass reverse procedure to install glass

How do you repair outer tierod end?

Remove old one and replace. Several specialty tools are required. The last step is a front end allignment.

How do you replace the heater motor on a 1999 vectra?

take window wipers off and remove plastic cover that's between window and bonnet... motor sits in middle of outer dash ...from there it is very easily removed

How do you remove Nissan dualis door handle outer 2011?

How do you remove outer door handles on Nissan dualis

What is the medical term meaning surgical repair of a pinna?

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How do you remove the front outer door handle on a 2013 Ford Fusion?

how to remove front outer door handle on a 2013ford fusion

Why does your window crank slip when you roll down your driver side front window on your 1991 Saturn SL2?

The window crank slips because the regulator gear has most likely stripped. You will need to remove the outer door panel to verify for sure but unless the crank is broken (It would fall off if it was) the regulator is stripped

How do you remove blade tool from army Swiss knife?

remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber remove outer casing then un screw the bolts, this will relese every single tool from the chamber

How do you replace the door handle on a 1998 Explorer?

If it's the outer handle you would need to remove the door panel, then remove the rivits that hold the handle to the outside of the car. Then remove the window track and slide it down inside of the door and unhook the rod on the handle,and now you can slide the door handle out.

How do you get the drivers side window up?

I assume this is a manual crank window, not power windows. If the hand crank just spins around without raising the window all the way, the regulator inside the door is stripped. You'll need to remove the outer door panel to get to it, and a drill to drill out the rivets that hold the regulator in (and rivets or bolts to install the next one). Best to get a manual that covers that. Also, get a "new" one that works from a junkyard, and removing it will show you how to get the sucker out. Good luck. :-) teeny ---------------------- The drivers side electric motor is the first one to wear out (the most used). A replacement motor can be bought for about $100. Take the door cover off and you will see 3 rivets holding the motor. Carefully drill these out, remove and replace the motor. I have replaced 3 of these -2 drivers, 1 passenger. On one I used 3 bolts/nuts to hold the motor in place. Arnie

How do you repair window motor on jaguar s-type?

First remove the door panel. move the window 3/4 of the way down and remove the 10mm bolts secureing the window. Then raise the window manually and secure to the top of the window frame with tape. pull back weather sheet and remove the window regulator/motor assembly. be aware s types are known to have faulty window regulator in hot climate zones. so before starting repair listen carefully to the door and use hit the window switch you might hear the motor turning. so you'll no what parts you'll need For a X reg (2000) Jaguar S- type: to remove the rear left winder mechanism do the following...Remove the door panel: remove two Philips Screws from under the small rubber mat in the door pull recess. Starting at top outer edge lever the panel away from door using something that does not damage the paint (I used a flat wooden spatula) - you will hear the poppers as they release the panel; work down and around the panel using your fingers. At some point the bezel around the door opening handle will become loosened and you need to carefully remove it - I found this awkward. Lift the panel upwards off the door and remove the cable that goes to the switches.Next remove the large access cover made of soft material stuck on with body putty and the circular stick plastic disc covering a hole in the lower centre of the door. Remove the loudspeaker - four bolts into door metal and a cable. Remove the trim strip from the bottom edge of the window opening. Assuming the window can be moved, slide it so the securing peg can be seen through the small hole uncovered when you removed the sticky plastic disk. It appears as two concentric circles of plastic, outside diameter about 1cm, with a hole through the middle. Knock out the middle peg with a punch of about 4mm dia. This will disappear into the door and will be needed later! Once the inner peg is removed the split outer peg can be pushed through releasing the window from the regulator mechanism. Pull the window all the way up and secure with duct tape to the side of the frame so it doesn't crash down. Remove three nuts securing the mechanism push it in to the door void and remove the electric plug. I did this through the speaker apperture and found it awkward to get out - patience is needed if yours is as difficult. Maneuver the mechanism out through the access hole and survey the damage.

How to remove 1994 Saturn front outer door handle to be able to remove outer door panel?

I don't know - but the question about the 1993 door handle is the same...

How do you repair a rear window defogger for a 1992 Volvo 940 gle?

Replace the rear glass if you have determined all else in the system is working. The element wires are sandwiched between the inner and outer glass and are not serviceable of anything but the 240 series.

How do you repair a Saturn manual window that won't go down?

It sounds like the window regulator, the thing that makes the window go up and down, has worn out. The only way to fix it is to replace the window regulator, which will require removing the outer door skin...Yes, the outer door skin. The door handle is held on by a couple of plastic pins that you should buy replacements for as they are hard to get out and may not be reusable. You will also require a special tool to remove the retainer nut that holds the glass to the regulator, it sells for about $27 without shipping. You will need a drill to remove the pop-rivets that are holding the old regulator to the door steel. I chose to use small bolts to replace the rivets as the rivet gun to put the size rivets that are required is not cheap, and will not do the smaller, more common pop rivets. If you are looking for new parts, www.autopartspeople.com has an excellent menu and has diagrams showing the parts for most large items. Good luck

How do you remove the door panel to a 2007 Mustang?

remove all screws around outer door panel...remove inside cover of inner handle..remove torques screw..remove cover behind pull handle..remove torques screw...remove window control switch assy..remove screw..near top..hard to see but it's there..remove front upper triangular trim..pull up on panel..it will come off....speaker is bolted from the inside if you need to remove it...good luck....Ray

How do you remove a 1988 Nissan Pintara door panel to repair the lock?

Hey Joe==First take out all of the screws you can find. Then remove all 0f the retainers on the outer edge of the panel. This requires a special tool to pull them out Some don't have them on the top and bottom. GoodluckJoe

My passenger side window in a 1997 Saturn will not roll down?

More than likely the piece of metal holding the gears aligned is bent. You can remove the outer panel and hammer the metal piece back in place.

How does one repair a Saturn SL2 driver side manual window crank that is jammed and does not move the window?

I just hit my door a few times and that uaually works.Another PerspectiveRemove the OUTER door skin. You can't get to the door mechanism from the inside. To remove the outer door skin, FIRST remove the exterior door handle. Lift on the handle to expose the pins that hold the handle in place. Press the pins out, then slide the door handle off. Once the door handles are off, open the door and remove the screws that hold the outer door skin to the door. Look at the bottom inside rim of the door skin to see what the screws look like, then remove them all.It's been a while, so I can't remember if there are any hidden screws, but you should be able to figure it out.Once you have the skin off, you should be able to see what's wrong with the crank mechanism or rails. You can purchase new mechanisms from GM dealerships or from many wrecking yards. If the rails are mis-aligned, check to see if the rail is damaged or if the screws are just loose.

How to remove door actuator on a 99 Mercedes ml430?

Start by removing the door panel for the effected door latch. The latch should have about 3 torx screws holding it in place. You also need to remove the outer door handle, and have to use a long thin torx bit to gain access to the screw. once the outer door handle is removed, then you can remove the door latch/lock assembly. depending on which door, you also might need to drill out a couple of rivets on the window regulator to be able to remove the latch.

In outer space what can you not do?

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How do you install a new drivers side window in a car?

Take the outer door panel off then unbolt the old window from the track then place the new window in the track this will take sometime because the new window has to go in at an angle before you place the new window in the track make sure the track is at the bottom of the door use your hand tp place the window all the way down in the door then bring the window all the way up holding it with one hand at the bottom of the window you need to put the window all the way to the bottom first to make sure the window clips aline in the window track. roll the bottom of the track up intill you can bolt the new window in but be careful if you tighten down the window to tight it will break the put the door panel back on

Suggestions on window treatments for triangle windows in a geodesic dome.?

We have a dome. I have designed window quilts to cover the triangle windows. On the outer edge of the triangle I applied velcro to the window frame, and the opposite to the window curtain. I designed a tie-back that allows the curtain to roll toward the outer edge and button to hold it open. It works very well to insulate from cold in the winter.

Drivers side outer tie rod end how to change it on a 86 Ford Ranger 2.3?

how do you change outer tie rods on a 1990 ford ranger

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