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How do you remove the plastic cover of the fan speed and AC control in the center section of dash to replace a bulb in a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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brake hose's are about $20 each , steel lines can be replaced in sections for about $5 a section

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The center section of the upper area of the that encloses the upper light assembly needs to be removed. It is plastic and is clipped in so be careful. After you remove this section the light assembly may or may not be attached to this piece. You need to unattach it and remove the bulb which is a 21 18W D bulb, standard rear brake light bulb in most American cars. Replace bulb and replace assembly then reclip the plastic section to the door. Be careful the plastic clips can break.

It depends on the cross-section. For a rectangular shape its 1.5.

Replace control unit located under dash usually in the middle section

I'm not of much help here, but I am having the same problem with my 05 Cherokee. The lights slowly fade from the right to the left. I replaced that whole section, which cost $75 for parts. It was ok for about a month, but now it is starting again!

Remove the cover around the controls and you will see the bulbs inside the climate control unit. It just pulls off.

I cut out the bad section of the plastic line. Bought rubber tubing at the Auto Parts store to fit the OD of the plastic line and plugged them together. It works fine.

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You should be very careful. You can actually cause your pipes to leak by doing this. The best bet is to replace that section with some PEX which is plastic and won't corrode.

The plastic gear line is broken, you just replace the center section of your antenna.

to replace the brake lights you must remove the carpet from the inside of the trunk near the area of the light. behind the carpet you notice 3 plastic screws which you have to remove. once removed you will be able to slide the whole brake/tail light section out. find the bulb you need to replace. screw section back to the body. put the carpet back the best you can. then your good to go.

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I included two links in the Related Links section. There is a Plastic or Metal Version. The plastic version is $290 and the metal is $350.

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