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Actually the ignition module is not in the distributer. You are looking at the stator or pick-up coil. If you want to replace that, you have to remove the shaft out of the distributer. It is necessary to remove the distributer, use a small punch to knock the roll pin holding the drive gear on the bottom of the shaft off, and use a special tool, that should be available at your local autoparts store through through loaner tool program, to press the gear off of the shaft. Then you work the shaft out of the distributer. If it is stubborn, you some carburetor cleaner to break the carbon loose. After the shaft is out, you can replace the stator. During reassembly again, another special tool will be needed to press the gear back on. If you cant get the special tools I mentioned, you might be able to carry the distributer to a repair shop, or a machine shop, and get them to press the gear on and off for you.

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Q: How do you remove the plate under the rotor on v-6 ford rangers to replace module in distributor?
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Where is the ignition control module located on a 1992 Chevy Berretta?

ignition module is located under the distributor, where the spark plugs come out to go to the spark plugs, remove 6 bolts that hold the 3 capped distributor on, unplug the wires from both ends of module, 3 plugs, lift module out, nothing holds it in after distributor is removed, plug new module in, replace distributor.

Where is your electronic distributor ignition module for Mazda 323 1987?

The module is located behind the Rotor Arm assembly in the distributor itself. You have to remove the Distributor Cap, then the Rotor Arm and the module is there.

Where is the ignition control module on 91 Chevy pick up you?

The ignition module is screwed to the base plate of the distributor. Remove the distributor cap and rotor. Remove the two screws that hold it to the base plate. Unplug the two wiring clips from each end and replace.

How do you replace ignition module on 1991 ford f-150?

Look on the side of your distributor. It takes a special wrench to remove it if it is there.

How do you replace the ignition module on a 1993 Chevrolet Blazer?

Find your distributor cap and follow the center cable to a rectangular part. This is the ignition module. Remove it, get a new one and install it.

1990 Chevy pickup 5.7 no spark or fuel suddenly?

Need to replace the ingintion module in the distributor. You will see a electrical connector on the right side of the distributor, those wires plug into the module. Just remove the dist. cap and rotor and you will see it.

Were is the ingition control module on your 1985 Chevy s-10 2.8?

The ign. control module on a 2.8L s10 is in the distributor. Remove the distributor cap and it is attached to the base of the distributor

Where do you locate the ignition module on a 1998 GMC Yukon with HO 350?

the module is in the distributor the module is in the distributor. you will have to remove the cap and rotor. it should be held on by 2 screws. good luck

How do you replace electronic distributor module in a 1981 Ford F 150 4 x 4 in line 6 4.9 Liter and not remove the distributor?

There is a special tool just for that job. It is available at most parts stores. Ask the counterman when you buy the module.

Where is ignition module on 1994 Chevy silverado pickup?

Remove the distributor cap, Then you will see some wires going to the side of the distributor. Those wires are pluged into the module. There are 2 small screews that hold the module in the dist. remove them and unplug the wire connectors, And you will have the module in you hand.

Where is the ignition control module on a 1993 Chevy G20?

In the distributor,you need to remove the dist cap & then remove the rotor and it will be mounted to the distributor housing

How to wiring for 1992 Cadillac Seville distributor replace pickup and module inside distributor?

remove your distributor cap remove your rotor cap button then look for the modual located on the right side inside of the casing where your distributor sat on remove the modual replace the part make sure you place lube onto the bottom of the modual where it makes contact then place everything back the way it came off hope this helps you.

Where is the ignition module on a 93 Corvette?

Remove distributor cap it is underneath.

How do you replace the distributor modulator on a 1989 mustang 302 ho?

The TFI module sits on the front of the distributor. I was able to remove it without removing the distributor. Its a rectangular grey or black plastic module with a large electrical connector. Napa sells a special wrench for removing the screws. They are small and difficult to get to. I would recommend this tool as it helped me greatly. I think its called a Ford TFI Module wrench. Remove the large electrical connector and remove the two screws holding the module to the distributor. Apply a generous amount of thermal paste to the back of the new module. Make sure there is an even coating and no air pockets in the thermal grease. If this step is not done properly it will burn up the new module. Install the new module on the distributor and fasten screws. Install connector.

How do you replace an igniton module on a 2000 cavalier?

Disconnect the battery cables. Locate the ignition module. Disconnect wires and remove the screws. Remove the auxiliary components to reach the module. Remove the screws holding the module and remove it from its housing. Replace it with a new one.

How do you remove ignition control module on a Mercury villager?

The ignition module is integral to the distributor and is not serviced as as separate part.

Where is the electronic spark control on a 1994 suburban 5.7 located at?

If I understand correctly, the Ignition Control Module is located inside of the distributor. To replace it remove the distributor cap, which is locted in the center rear of the engine compartment. If there is adequate room, leave the spark plug and coil wires attached. Set the cap aside and look for a wiring harnes on the bottom of the distributor. I should be attached to a small flat black module that has two small bolts holding it in place. Carefully remove the small bolts, and unplug the harness and remove the Ignition Control Module. Replace and assemble in reverse order. Make sure to get the distributor cap on the same way and do not rotate the distributor during the process.

Where is the ignition module on a 1991 suburban?

It is inside the distributor, If you look at the right side of it you will see some electric wires and they are hooked to the module. Just remove the cap and then 2 screews that hold the module on the base of the distributor.

Do you have to remove the distributor to replace the stator in a 90 Chevy 350?

Yes you do. You have to take the distributor shaft out of the distributor to Remove the pick-up coil / stator.

How do you replace the ignition module on a 1976 Chevrolet Cheyenne?

The pickup coil in the distributor? !976 should be an HEI distributor. Take the cap off, unplug the wires going to the distributor, remove the rotor and the pickup coil is under the rotor and held in place with two screws.

How do you replace the distributor cap on a 1996 Chevy Astro van?

Remove the center console/cupholder. Remove the interior doghouse. Remove distributor cap.

Where is the ignition control module on an 1994 s10 pickup located?

Remove the distributor cap and it will be bolted inside the distributor on the base plate.

Where is the ignetion modular located on 1996 Chevy s10?

It is inside of the distributor, Remove the dist. cap and you will see some wires that hook to the side of the distributor. That is the module that thay are pluged into. unplug them and remove the 2 small screews that hold the module in .

Where is electronic spark control module located on a 1995 Chevy Tahoe?

Remove the distributor cap and rotor. Now look in the distributor and you will see an electronic device that has 2 different electrical connectors on it. That will be the module. remove the 2 screws and take it out.

How do you replace plugs on 1992 LS400?

you have to remove the distributor covers.