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How do you remove the power steering pulley from a 1998 Chevy 12 ton pickup with a 350 vortex?


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2010-07-09 04:08:49
2010-07-09 04:08:49

You need a special puller for that.Can get for about 25 bucks at an auto store.

While this answer is correct, you probably need more information. For an amateur, which you are or you'd not ask this question, the difficulty level of accomplishing the task may defeat you.

1st, three special tools are involved. The pulley puller, as mentioned, a line wrench (don't attempt to use a plain open-end wrench, it probably will ruin the fitting) to remove the high pressure fitting, and after the pump is back on the vehicle, you will have to have another tool to press the pulley back onto the pump shaft.

For the two tools to remove and reinstall the pulley, try going to Auto Zone for their loaner tool program, O'Rileys' and Pep Boys may have loaner tools, I don't know.

Good luck.


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