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How do you remove the power steering pulley on a Chevy Caprice Classic?


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2011-06-01 13:35:49
2011-06-01 13:35:49

The pully is pressed on, you need to get a pully remover.

I would take it to Advance Auto Parts, they are really good at helping you do this type of thing. Of course you would probably want to buy the hoses there as well. Advance does all kinds of free things for people. They also lend most speciality tools there for free (with deposit) which is cool.


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In most cases you will need to replace the turn signal switch on the steering wheel for your 1983 Chevy Caprice Classic rather than fixing it. To replace it, remove the horn pad and then use a steering wheel puller and compressor to remove the steering column. You will then remove the signal along with the wiring harness and bus fuses. Replace the signal and wiring and then replace the steering column itself.

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