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STEP 1 Drain the fluid from the pump. Connect a length of hose to the return pipe and place the other end in a bottle or similar receptacle that holds at least one liter. Start the engine and allow the hydraulic fluid to be pumped out of the steering gear. Turn the steering wheel from full lock to full lock. Switch off the engine when no more fluid runs out into the bottle. Don't allow the pump to run dry. STEP 2 Remove the hose and reconnect the return hose STEP 3 Remove the air cleaner STEP 4 Remove the belt and pump pulley STEP 5 Remove the flow pipe STEP 6 Remove the Suction pipe STEP 7 Undo the retaining bolts and remove the pump STEP 8 Refit in reverse

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Q: How do you remove the power steering pump on a 1999 Saab 93 2.2Tid?
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