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First, remove the door panel. Depending on the location of your particular vehicle there will be bolts holding the window motor in place, or rivets that must be drilled out to remove the motor. Before you do that you must unbolt the window brackets from the bottom of the window and remove the glass.

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Q: How do you remove the power window motor from the front doors of a 1991 through 1994 Ford Explorer - all models?
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How do you remove an explorer back side door panel to see why window will not hold up?

You must remove door panel and replace window regulator.

How do you fix drivers side window on 2002 ford explorer?

Remove the 2002 Ford Explorer drivers side inside door panel. The entire window mechanism will be visible. Locate and repair the cause for the window malfunction.

How do you get the front passenger window back on tract in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

remove the door panel

Is your 92 Acura Integra master window switch interchangable?

The 1992 Acura Integra master window switch is interchangeable with other 1992 models. The master window switch was used in all 1991 through 1994 models.

How do you replace the third brake light on a Nissan Pathfinder?

the bulbs can be accessed in two ways, in older models with the top mounted light above the rear window the screws are through the lens, remove them and replace the bad bulb. On newer models it is inside on the rear window and the trim that covers the light must be removed from inside.

Will the rear window of a 1992 explorer fit a 1999 explorer?


How do you remove rear window in a 1997 ford f 150?

through loggs at it

How do you remove door window from 1968 Chevy Truck C20?

Remove inside door handle and window crank handle, remove inside door panel, remove vent window and channel assembly, remove window.

How do you replace ford explorer rear window hinge?

To replace the Ford Explorer rear window hinge, you have to buy a similar window hinge. Use a screwdriver to open the hinge and replace the hinge but fitting it in the window.

What is lift gate on 2001 Ford Explorer?

That's the door on the rear of the Explorer , where you can open the window separately or open the liftgate with the window closed

Will a 1997 Ford Explorer window motor work for a 1994 Ford Explorer?

www. motorcraft. com ( no spaces ) shows different part numbers for the 1994 and 1997 Explorer window motors

Where is the power window relay on a 1998 ford explorer?

The 1998 Ford Explore power window relay switch can be found in the drivers side door. You will need to remove the door panel in order to access the switch.

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How do you install a door window on a 1963 impala?

Remove the inside door panel. Slide the new glass up through the window opening. Set the new glass in the window track.

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How do you remove the door panel from a 1998 Elantra?

1. On manual window models remove the window crank handle dislodge the clip 2. Remove the outside mirror cover 3. Detach the door handle trim piece and disconnect the door pull mounting screw. Unplug the electrical connector from the power window switch 4. Remove the retaining screws and detach the panel by carefully prying it away from the door

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How do you Remove door window 1982 corvette?

Remove the inside door panel of your 1982 Chevy Corvette. Remove the window retaining clips. The window will lift out.

How do you replace a town car window motor?

First remove the door panel.Then remove the moisture barrier.Next remove the window motor from the window regulator.

How do you install a window regulator in a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu?

Disconnect the battery.Remove the door panelRemove the power window motorRemove the regulator spring.Move the window down a bit and remove the two 10MM nuts from the window.Twist the window spring stud counter-clockwise.Now you should be able to remove the window regulator.

How do you replace a front power window motor on 2002 Ford Explorer?

How do you replace a power window motor ( rear passenger side ) in a 2002 Ford Explorer

How do you remove driver side window and regulator 1997 crown Victoria?

To remove the drivers side window and regulator, you will need to remove the door panel from the door. Then you can unbolt the regulator and window to remove them.

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How do you replace the window motor on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

Remove the inside door panel of your 2002 Chevy Cavalier. Remove the window motor wiring harness. Remove the window motor linkage. Remove the window motor retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new window motor.