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there is a tool yo do it or you can use a very small screwdriver to pull the retaining wire out. be carefull not to bend it so much that it permanitly distorts. then the line just pulls out. all the wire does is hold the line in place there is a bulge in the line that it catches on then an o-ring that makes the seal. one last note if you have to replace the Transmission Fluid use atf+4 or you will destroy it.

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Q: How do you remove the quick connect on the transmission line?
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How do you remove quick disconnect transmission line on a jeep?

Easy use a quick disconnect tool or a small screwdriver

How do you remove the quick connect on the transmission line of a Chevy s10?

There is a plastic fitting or tool that goes around the line and you push into the fitting to release it. Push it in and pull out the line. You can buy a set of 5 for around $8 to $10 U.S.

How do you remove the transmission cooler lines from the transmission on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Loredo?

The bottom fitting is a quick connect fitting. You usually use a special tool to release this fitting. Some auto parts stores will lend you the necessary tool for free. The top line will be a flare fitting, which will require the proper sized end wrench or line wrench to remove.

How do you loosen transmission cooling line which connects to the radiator on a 2000 Chevy impala?

There are quick connect clips on that fitting. simple use a screw driver to press up on the side of the clip and you should be able to remove it. then the lines just pop out.

How do you disconnect the transmission fluid cooler lines from the transmission on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

Those transmissions have whats called a "Quick Connect" fitting. There are little plastic tabs on the fittings that must be pushed in so that the line can be pulled out.

Where can I purchase a 10' gas line with quick connect to connect my small bbq grill to my RV gas line?

Camping World for like 40 bucks

Where is the slave cylinder 97isuzu hombre?

Remove trans to replace slave....Slave is connected directly to throwout bearing in bellhousing... shoot yourself because your new slave cyl is now in the transmission bell houseing and your quick connect hydro line will not fit your newly installed slave cyl. unles you can hand machine that connector ( I did) you will hlf to do the whole proses again may as well put it on the moon,good luck finding replacement for quick connect hydro line

Where does transmission vacuum line connect?

The Vacuum line usually connects to the brake booster , or atleast it does in my Ford explorer

There is a top bottom transmission line on the radiator and a front and rear connection on the trans where does the top line from the radiator connect on the trans front or back?

upper line on radiator connects to transmission front

Could it be dangerous to connect an alternator to a long transmission line if the line had a high capacitance?

Yes. Because... If we connect an alternator to a transmission line of high capacitance the line voltage will increase and caused a line voltage difference, which does not satisfied the condition of parallel operation of same voltage rating. [By Akhtaruzzaman08]

How do you remove a hydraulic clutch line from the transmission on a 1995 Mazda 2300?

You should see a white sleeve around the fitting that is at the transmission. Slide this sleeve toward the transmission while pulling on the line.

How does the cooling line connect to the transmission on a 2003 buick lesabre?

spring clips around the tube

How do you remove heater hose conecters on silverado?

GM Heater Line Quick-Connect Release Tool this will do it. Otherwise you need to try and use a hacksaw to cut it off, though I wouldn't recommend it, might cut the line into the heater coil

How do you remove Engine and trans from 1996 blazer?

Remove hood remove radiator, remove a/c compressor, power steer pump do not dis connect a/c or PS hoses disconnect from engine, remove starter, remove motor mount bolts 2 long ones, disconnect wiring harness from engine and transmission, remove drive shaft from transmission. remove bolt from end of transmission, mount, remove fuel line, oil cooler lines, transmission lines if it's automatic, disconnect exhaust manifolds, ground strap, vacuum lines, throttle, cruise control cables, hook up your chain to engine & to hoist & remove slowly.

How do you put a transmission in a Mazda 929?

i've done this on my 88 929 it's pretty straight forward. 1. remove flywheel belhousing cover on the bottom of the transmission in the front. i think there are four bolts. 2. you must then remove flywheel bolts from torqu converter there are 4 bolts. use wrench on front balancer pully bolt to turn engine to acces all bolts. 3. support the transmission with jackstands on the front and rear of transmission. remove transmission fluid line there are two. and then disconnect electrical wire harness. 4. check clearance, i dont remember but you might have to remove dipstick and tube. 5. remove bellhousing bolts from transmission thereare about six the connect transmission to the engine. 6. remove transmission mount bracket. 7. disconnect shift cable from floor shifter to the trans. 8.jack up transmission with floor jack and remove mounts ,lower transmission out of car.

How do you remove and install a starter in a MAZDA MVP 1991 4wd?

Disconnect the negative battery cable Remove the drive belts. Remove the power steering pump pulley. Remove the alternator. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove the splash shields. Remove the power steering pump mounting bolts and position the pump aside, without disconnecting the power steering hoses. Remove the automatic transmission cooler line brackets. Mark the position of the driveshaft on the axle flange and remove the front driveshaft. Remove the wiring harness bracket and the automatic transmission cooler line bracket that is next to the starter. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the starter. Remove the fuel and brake line shield. Remove the starter mounting bolts and remove the starter. Clean the mounting surface flanges. Place the starter motor into position and install the mounting bolts. Tighten the starter mounting bolts to 27-38 ft. lbs. (37-52 Nm). Install the fuel and brake line shield. Connect the starter motor wiring. Install the wiring harness bracket. Connect the driveshaft. Install the transmission cooler line brackets. Install the power steering pump and the splash shields. Lower the vehicle. Install the alternator. Install the power steering pump pulley. Install and tension the drive belts. Connect the negative battery cable.

How do you remove the hydralic line from clutch slave on 96 Chevrolet pickup?

Some of these come as a pre-bled, pre-assembled set with master, line and slave. GM loved this for a while. If the line is removable it will either detach like a quick connect fuel line of will be threaded together. Good Luck

What is the special tool needed to remove the lower transmission line of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

Use a 3/8 inch quick disconnect fitting removal tool. Should be about 5 dollars from an auto parts store.

How do you remove o ring seal from transmission that connect to drive line to 1983 Chevy van g20?

FIRST BLOCK THE REAR WHEELS SO IT DON'T ROLL WHEN YOU REMOVE THE DRIVESHAFT. Then take a screw driver and pop the rear seal out of the transmission tail shaft housing and then tap the new seal in with a hammer being carefull not to bend the seal.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2001 Kia Sportage?

Answer Remove the screw from the metal bracket that is holding the fuel filter. It is located right below the battery to the right. Remove battery for ease of access to fuel filter which is located on the left side of car ( this would be located on the passenger side of your vehicle).To get the quick connect fuel line fittings off... you need a DISCONNECT TOOL. I got a pack of 6 at Advance Auto for $12. The small gray one fits the 2001 Sportage. Put the plastic tool under the fuel line fitting and squeeze together. The fuel line will pop off the old filter. To remove the rear fuel line, I had to go under the vehicle and use the tool on the fuel line. There is a rubber hose with 2 quick connect fittings. One end attaches to the filter and the other end attaches to a metal fuel line under vehicle. Remove the fitting that attaches to the metal line since there is no room on the back of filter for the tool to fit. Once you get the whole assembly out of the car.... you can work on getting the fitting off the rear of the old filter. Be very careful not to damage the plastic quick connect fittings!

How do you remove the fuel filter on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee- the line next to the larger control valve has a different clip on it. Squeezing it does not release the line like the others?

Well it has a quick connect fitting which you must push the retainer ring into the fuel line and at the same time push the fuel line as well. Kind of like disconnecting a air hose.

How do you disconnect the bottom transmission line from the radiator on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

the line is a quick disconnect. Take a pair of pliers and GENTLY squeeze the white tabs going into the rubber part of the line. As you are squeezing, pull on the rubber piece of the line and it should come right off. Same thing for the transmission end of the line.

How do you unhook clutch hydraulic line for ford ranger from transmission?

You will need the Ford Hydraulic Clutch Quick Disconnect Tool.

What color is the quick connect at the fuel filter?

The color of plastic at the filter connection doesn't matter because the filter is a larger line than the return line. They are different sizes

How do you remove the v6 ford ranger fuel-line locks?

You need to get a quick disconnect tool from any parts house to remove the fuel lines.