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First you must remove the cross support. This is across the front/top of radiator and is in your way. It is only four bolts. They all face up. Two on left, two on right.

Secondly remove the two coolant hoses ( top left/bottom right) and the two transmission lines (right side top and bottom).

Third remove the two bolts holding the radiator in (top left and right). These all face towards the front of the car. Now you can move the radiator, electric fans and a/c condensor around some.

Fourth remove the four bolts that hold the a/c condensor to the radiator ( two on the right top/bottom, two on the left top/bottom). These four bolts face towards the front of the car. The top two you can get from above, the bottom two you will have to get at through the front of the bumper.

Fifth remove the electric fans. Four bolts facing the engine. Top/ bottom left/right.

You can now remove the radiator. Before putting the new one in remove and replace all of the bolt clips. There will be 10. Also replace the bushings at the top radiator bolts and the bottom and make sure that the old ones are goen or the radiator won't fit. That is it.

When you remove the radiator from the car there are 4 bolts that you have to go trough the bumper to get to because they are connected to the air conditioning condenser. there is then two bolts to the frame at the top. and you have to remove the crossmember that has the hood latch on it to pull it out. that's how I got mine out (hope it's the same).

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Q: How do you remove the radiator on a 1994 Dodge Intrepid?
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