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How do you remove the radio from a 1992 Mercury Topaz?


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First you will need a Radio Removel Tool that you can pick up at the parts store. It's a U shaped tool with points on each end. If you look at your radio you will see 2 holes on each side of the radio. Push both tools in about 1/2 inch, at the same time and pull it back toward you and your radio will follow.


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you push in the blinker bar

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It is positioned in the valve cover.

According to one of Fords websites : For a 1992 Mercury Topaz , 2.3 litre four cylinder engine : ( the spark plugs are gapped at .054 inch )

15 Gallon except on all wheel drive.

It is probably mounted in a box over by the air cleaner.

They (2) should be up by the firewall on the passenger side

Disconnect the - battery cable Raise and safely secure vehicle Disconnect wiring harness from starter Remove 2 mounting bolts drop starter

the drain nipple is on the bottom of the radiator on battery`s side.

Inside the engine compartment on the passenger side wheel well.

My 1992 Mercury Topaz right rear line has broken and I see the leak coming out a metal casing. How do I get to line by inside the car because I do not see any lines like in other cars which are located out side the car plase help.

Usally left side in front of transmission if not follow battery cable wire

yes...all cars have em'....nice open ened question! I concur.

10w30 would be a good choice. Any major brand is fine.

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the computer box on a 1992 topaz is on the drivers side under the dashboard on the firewall behind the fuse panel to the left i would think a 1993 would be similar

You have to remove the center dash panel to get access to the bolts, screws.

Pull out the ashtray and then the panel above and the cup holder . Radio will then come out

Only the 2.3L HSC Inline 4 will fit in the 1986 Mercury Topaz. If everything in the engine bay were gutted, perhaps something larger such as a 3.0L V6 from a 1992-1994 model MIGHT fit but it would require a complete running 92-94 Ford Tempo or Mercury Topaz with the V6 engine as a donor car (and, if you could find such a car, it would be more worth your time/money to invest in it v.s. a 1986 model). The automatic transmission from a Taurus WILL NOT WORK in a Tempo/Topaz.

I think it would be the same as a 1993, in which case it is located on the left hand side of the trunk, by the hinge.

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