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How do you remove the radio from a 1995 Jaguar XJ6?

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To remove the radio:

Remove the ashtray by raising the armrest cover and removing the two screws at the rear of the ashtray. Slide the ashtray back and then lift it out. Be careful of the two front tabs, as you don't want to break them.

Reach below the wood console, where the ashtray front tabs were inserted. Loosen and remove the two wing nuts.

With a small, long flat bladed screwdriver, pry out the leather shifter surround. The leather shifter surround has a center chrome retaining ring, the leather surround, and then finally a black plastic surround. The chrome retaining ring has 3-4 tabs which are locked in below the leather surround. It depends on the year of the Jaguar. Probably the 95 has three, but maybe four. They should be at the front and rear of the trim piece (2 front and 1 back, or 2 front and two back) but I've seen then on the sides. The point is, you have to be careful with the screwdriver and find the tabs. The screwdriver should be slid between the leather and the retainer. Pull upwards on the retainer gently, and as you loosen the tabs, it will come out.

Remove the leather surround. Once the chrome retainer has been removed, it should be easy to work it out of the console.

Loosen the black trim ring gently as it has tabs as well, but they are visible once the leather trim has been removed. Lift it upwards out of the wood trim and pull it to the side out of the way. You don't need to disconnect the wires, just lay the black trim to the side.

Lift the rear of the wood console trim and gently, gently slide it back and up. It will try to hang on the leather console, and can be difficult. Patience is important, as the walnut on the ski slope cracks easy (really easy).

Once the wood console trim (ski slope) is removed, you should have a row of screws up the side of the center control panel, where the radio and AC controls are. There are four to six on each side, depending on what Jaguar used at the time, as the 95 cars mechanically are somewhat of a blend of the XJ40 and the XJ300. Remove these screws, and note any spacers that were behind them. These spacers get lost quickly, and cause the ski slope to sit awkwardly on the console.

The radio will slide forwards once these screws are removed. Remove the radio harness and the antenna lead. As the books say, assembly is reverse of removal.

Good luck, and let me know if you have questions. If you are replacing the radio, let me know as I have the harness wiring codes and can help you with that as well.



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