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How do you remove the radio from a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant ES?


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2011-09-12 20:33:32
2011-09-12 20:33:32

if you don't have the infinty system installing an after market stereo is very simple. just pop off the frame around the stereo (it has the climite controls on it as well) there aren't any screws it just pops out and then there are 4 screws to remove the deck from the frame around it. there is also a very nice blot for grounding if it is needed. however where it used to say the radio information it will now say "E Com" I'm working on how to fix that one still.


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Safely jack the car up, remove lamps,replace bulbs.

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the speed sensor for 2004 Mitsubishi Galant is located on the front case of the transmission output shaft and speed sensor. It is approximately under the hood to the left of the engine.

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The starter on a 2004 Mitsubishi Gallant is removed by disconnecting the battery, removing the protective shroud, and unbolting the starter. The wires are then disconnected and the starter pulled from the engine.

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