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pull frame from around radio four screw located around radio open glovebox reach behind unplug power and radio ant pullout

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Q: How do you remove the radio in a Geo Metro?
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How do you remove the radio from a 1994 Geo Metro?


How do you install rear brakes on a Geo Metro?

how can I remove adrum brake from geo metro 1992

Which is the fuse for the radio and lighter in a 1996 Geo Metro?

i have a 1994 geo metro and my radio and lighter fuse is fuse number 9, and it is a 15 amp [red] fuse

Which is the radio fuse in a 4 Geo Metro fuse box?

i thin it is #22 but what year is the metro

How do you remove the intake manifold on a 1996 Geo Metro?

you have to remove the head first.....

How to remove the ignition switch from a 1996 Geo Metro?


Will a 93 Geo Metro transmission fit in a 95 Geo Metro?

Can you swap a 93 Geo metro manual transmition with a 95 Geo Metro

Why did your radio just quit working on your 1999 Geo Metro?

Check for a blown fuse.

How do you replace the Clutch bearing in a 92 Geo Metro?

Unfortunately, you have to remove the transmission.

How do you remove the radio from a 1998 Geo Metro?

This may not apply to your model but, some Later models of the Geo provided access to the radio through the glove box. The bracket in these models can be accessed from the glove box and then the radio can be pushed out of the dash answer headlineThere were no 98 Geo Metro's, only Chevy metro's. They require a special tool to release holding pins.

Who makes geo metro?

General Motors A Geo Metro is a Cheverolet geo and Chevy metro are both made by suzuki in Canada

How do you remove the trim panel on a Geo Metro?

What one of the 16 trim panels I can think of on the Metro And what year, Because it matters!

The geo metro is by ?

The geo metro is by far is the best v8 car.

Will doors 94 Geo Metro fit a 92 Geo Metro?


Will doors from a 1996 geo metro fit a 1993 geo metro?

No they will not fit. after 1994 the Geo Metro developed a new more curved body system. You can use a 1989 - 1994 Geo Metro door though.

How much horsepower does Geo Metro have?

The geo metro was a version of the Suzuki Cultus that was produced from 1989-2001. The geo metro came with a 49 horsepower engine.

Would a 1995 Geo Metro Transmission work in a 1996 Geo Metro?


Why does Geo Metro miss at take off?

why does my GEO metro have no take off power

Where is the Geo Metro transmission filter?

If you are talking about an automatic transmission, it is under the removable pan at the bottom of the trans. Drain the oil and remove the pan, you'll see. Mr Geo Metro

Does a 1992 Geo Metro have an interference engine?

yes, if it's a 3 cylinder Mr Geo Metro yes, if it's a 3 cylinder Mr Geo Metro

How do you remove a timing belt cover on 94 Geo Metro?

Take off the screws that hold it on?

How do you get your stock radio out in a 92 Geo Metro 2dr hatrch?

Remove the center bezel and the glove box. Take out the four screws holding it in and then reach through the glove box opening and remove the mounting bracket screw then push the radio forward and unplug the connector and antenna. That's it.

Remove cv joint on 1991 geo prizm?

Here is the link to ehow on how to remove the CV joint on a 1991 Prizm.

Will a 1993 geo Metro hood fit a 1997 geo Metro?

No, it will not. After 1994 the Geo Metro became more curved so any part from before 1995 will not fit your geo metro. You can use any hood from 1995 - 1999 depending on the body style.

How to get into the trunk of a 96 Geo Metro the key does not work?

Sometimes you can remove the back seat and access it that way.