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1. Pop out cup holder in console. Remove the 2 screws that you can see inside. 2. Now you can pop off the entire console bezel. 3. Next remove glove box by popping out the 2 black clips on each side of the glove box. The glove box will now fold down out of the way. 4. Behind glove box remove heater wire control cable. 5. Now look under drivers side dash just above gas pedal. There are 2 more heating control cables that need to be unhooked. 6. Now the entire console bezel will pull forward. 7. Disconnect electrical cables from dash clock, hazard lights, defroster, AC and fan control. 8. The bezel will now completely come off. 9. Remove 4 screws holding radil

Note: The above answer is great and very thorough. I found that just going to step 2 was enough to remove my stereo, so check this first. Also, the bezel refers to the smooth part of the dashboard with the hazard light button, heater controls, air vents, clock, etc. A good way to pop it off is by gently inserting a flathead screw driver in a few places and turning.
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Q: How do you remove the radio in a Hyundai Accent 2001?
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