Plymouth Sundance

How do you remove the rear brake drum on a 1989 Plymouth sundance to inspect the brakes?

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2009-01-20 03:01:59

On most drum brakes, there is a rubber plug located on the back

of each drum. This keeps debri from getting into them. If you take

the plugs out and insert a small flat head screw driver, you should

feel on object in there. It is a star nut that controls the tension

of the shoe pads. You need to release the tension by rotating the

star nut in one direction (can't remember which way it is, sorry).

If you reach a point where it stops and the drums still don't come

off, you've gone the wrong way. To be sure, you can take a rubber

mallet on gently bang on them to loosen them if they are rusted.

After you do your work, reverse the turns to tighten the shoes back

up but not too tight to where the drums don't turn. Don't forget to

put the plugs back in or else you could get a bunch of debris in

between the drums and the shoes.

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