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Make sure that parking brake handle is in down position, remove rear tire (safely lifting one side of your car and immobilizing opposite side tire with blocks). You will see two flat head Phillips screws sitting flush in countersunk holes, remove them. You can also find two additional threaded holes, put both screws into them, and turning equally remove the drum. Good luck!

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Q: How do you remove the rear brake drums on a Honda CRV - 1999 to check the brakes?
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How are emergency brakes adjusted on a 2000 Cherokee?

If the rear brakes are drum brakes remove the wheel slide the drum off and check brake lining if brake lining is good then at the bottom of the brake assembly turn the adjuster wheel out. Check by putting drum on and spinning the drum until it spin 1 to 1 1/2 times around. If the car has rear disc brakes check brake pads probably needs to be replaced

2000 Honda Accord brake lamp stays on?

It's telling you the brakes need attention. Have a trusted garage check it out now!

How do you check brake fluid in Honda Odyssey?

where is the brake fluid on a Honda odyssey van

Brake light on dashboard stays on?

Check the brake fluid level. It may be low. Low brake fluid level is an indication the brakes need attention. Have a trusted mechanic check the brakes soon. Good brakes are a number one priority.

Why would the brake lamp come on in a 1994 Honda Accord DX?

If the brakes are still operating normally, check the tail light bulbs.

What does it mean if the brake warning light on the instrument panel goes on when turning or accelerating in your '92 Honda Accord?

check brake fluid level. and have a brake inspection . you more than likely have front brakes needing replaced.

Your car pull when you brake?

You have a problem with the brakes, have a mechanic check it out soon before you have no brakes.

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer?

I would check rear brakes that is a good sign that they are wore out I would check rear brakes first sign of worn out brake is that the E-brake doesn't hold

Why are your brakes working and sometimes not working on your 1996 Honda accord?

Check the level of your brake fluid level in the reservoir under the hood. You most likely need to bleed the brake lines. But the seals can be bad at the calipers so check around your brakes to see if there is any oily liquid on the disks or brake shoes if you have those in the back. Stopping sometimes but not all the time usually means air in the brake lines.

Why does a 2000 Honda accord spoiler brake light does not work but other brake lights do?

check the bulb if not blown wiggle the hazzad switch brakes run through the hazzad switch just try it not positive

Why is it important to check your brake fluid?

Your brake fluid is how the brake system converts mechanical force of your foot on the brake pedal, into hydraulic force that applies your brakes. Without fluid, your hydraulic brakes will not function.

Why does my check brakes light come on in my 1994 Pontiac sunbird and the brakes check out good?

check brake fluid level under hood probaly low

What causes the brake idiot lite to come on when you apply the brakes in 1980 suburban?

Check the brake fluid reservoir, it may be low on brake fluid indicating it is time to have the brakes inspected.

How do you check brake shoe wear on the rear drum brakes of a Polo?

Pull the hand brake and if it clicks more than 3 times the rear brakes are worn. The more clicks the more wear. If the master cylinder brake fluid is low they are worn. To see just how much they are worn you must remove the wheel and brake drum and inspect them.

What does it mean when the brake lamp indicator comes on after pumping the brakes on a 1984 Honda Accord?

Why are you pumping the brakes? That light means there is a problem with the brake system. Check the fluid level and if it is ok, take it to a professional. It can be many things that need to be done. Air in the system, low fluid level, etc.

Brakes lights dont work on your olds achieva 95?

Check the brake light fuse first. Then check for a bad brake light switch at the brake pedal.

Why check engine light came on after changing brakes on Pontiac vibe?

Check the brake fluid...

On a 1994 Ford Ranger the BRAKE light stays on after engine has been started then gets brighter if emergency brake is applied?

First off check ur brakes in front but with e-brake causing it to glow brighter then most likely check the back brakes. ANSWER Check your brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment . The brake light comes on when your brake fluid level is low , or your emergency brake is on.

HONDA 1994 brake light in dash stays on checked brake lights there are okay?

check brake fluid

Why is your fuse blowing when you hit the brakes?

Dead short to ground in one of the brake light sockets or wiring to them. Remove bulbs and check socket for corrosion or breakage and check for a bad wire to sockets

Spongy 2003 Camry brakes?

Spongy brakes are usually an indication that there is air in the brake lines. It is also possible the brake fluid is low, so check that first.

If your brake fluid reservoir is low will that affect your brake pedal travel?

if the vehicle has a low brake pedal, check for brake fluid leaks, or out of adjustment brakes. if it is just low on fluid, check for worn out brake linings.

What is brake lamp in Honda accord 1999?

it is an indicator. You need to check your brake fluid or your bulb.

What do you do when your brake light comes on on your 1997 Honda Civic ex?

Check your brake fluid level!

How do you check and adjust the disc brakes on a 2004 Dodge Stratus?

Remove the wheels and judge the thickness of the brake pads. There is no adjustment on disc brakes. You will normally wear out 2 sets on the front before you wear out one on the rear.

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How do you remove the rear brake drum on a 2001 Honda Civic?

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