How do you remove the rear brake rotors on a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant?

The rear brakes on a '98 Galant should be drums, not rotors. I believe Mitz. didn't make the Galant w/ front and rear discs until '02. (this may not be the case w/ the VR4) To remove the drum you'll need a rubber mallet. You want to use a rubber mallet so you won't dent the outside of the drum. Be sure the emergancy brake is NOT on. Take the wheel off and tap the drum until it breaks free. You may have to do more than just tap it. A couple of good slams aught to do it. Once it's free the drum should just fall off. It's best to clean the inside of the drum before replacing. Use brake cleaner to do this. Hope this helps. darksidesteve