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The 1992 grand marquis has rear drum brakes.

92 grand marqs also has optional discs. To remove the calipers, simply loosen the two large bolts holding the calipers. then compress the piston back with a C-clamp using the old pad as a base. place the caliper on the mount, replace the bolts and hit the brakes once to check for contact. Also, it is a good idea to grease the sliding bolts.

I would direct you to a very similar question concerning 1994 Marqs:

How do you access the rear drum brakes on a 1994 Grand Marquis

and the answer I provided therein.

"I know that 1992+ are discs, but the rears have drums built into them for the emergency brake. [edit] However, to access the rear emergency brake pads is a different process than is typical for a rear drum setup.

It involves removing the axle shafts, so I would recommend taking it to a shop."

Concerning the above statement, emergency brake pad/hardware replacement on a rear-disc equiped Mercury Marquis involves no such thing! The e-brake is simply a mini-drum brake type assembly within the disc itself. As with most drum brake-equiped vehicles, there's an access slot on the backing plate to back the adjustment off, allowing disc removal in cases where the e-brake shoes have worn into the rotor drum (for lack of a better term). Occasionally this slot doesn't quite line up with the adjuster, but it is there! To those researching such a relatively simple procedure, don't let morons like the individual who posted above confuse you with their misinformation.

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Q: How do you remove the rear disk brake assembly on a '92 Mercury Grand Marquis to change the brake pads?
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i'm asking the question

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