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Unscrew the arm rest on the door. Start pulling (and pull carefully, the door clips are $6.00 each) from the bottom and work on each clip carefully. The door latch itself is attached to the door and it should not be a problem.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-31 21:04:12
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Q: How do you remove the rear door cover on a 1994 Jimmy to get to the speaker?
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How do you remove rear deck cover over stereo speaker on 1994 corolla?

With a screwdriver

How do you remove the dash speakers in 1994 Hyundai Excel 2 door hatchback?

Gently pry up on the speaker cover with a small screwdriver or knife. There are screws under the cover to remove the speaker, unplug harness and its free.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo?

The Blinker fuse is located in the dash behind the driver side speaker. Remove the cover, remove the speaker and it will be located on the left about six to seven inches into the dash

How do you remove the rear speakers in a 1994 Chevy cavalier?

Remove the rear speaker covers in your 1994 Chevy Cavalier. Remove the rear speaker retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the rear speakers.

What magazine cover was Jimmy Buffett on in August of 1994?

Men's Fitness

How hard is it to change the heater blower fan in a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

Simple, Passenger side engine caomparment on the fire wall. Remove the cover (its kinda round) remove and bolt in new motor.

How do you remove the plastic cover that is over the timing belt on 1994 ford ranger XLT?

Remove the valve cover

How can you replace the tailgate lock on a 1994 gmc jimmy?

Remove the plastic cover on the tailgate. There are screws in the top and sides. After that you should have access to the area where you see the lock. You will have to pull a pin to remove the lock and it should fall right out.

How do you locate the spark plugs on a 1994 Mercedes E320?

Remove 6 long hexnut screws from cover next to oilfill cap. Remove cover.

How do you remove a cassette player from a 1994 Holden Apollo so i can install a CD player?

To remove the cassette player from a 1994 Holden Apollo to install a CD player, the first step is to remove the knobs for the radio. They should just pull off. Then locate the screws holding the radio cover. This might require an Allen wrench. Remove the radio, unhook the antenna and speaker wires and then install the CD player.

How do you remove the speaker covers from 1999 prizm?

I don't know in the 1999 is the same as 1994 or not. But on 1994 the speaker covers cannot be removed from the felt deck. You need to remove this assembly. It has been awhile since I did this but you basically need to remove the rear light attached to the back window and the back seats in order to get access to the back deck/speaker covers. You may also be required to remove the supports which extend from the back seat up to the ceiling (I don't recall exactly).

How do you remove the rear window regulator 1994 town car?

To remove the rear window regulator on a 1994 town car, remove the screws under the arm rest. Take off the rubber insulation and unplug the speaker wires to get it our of the way. Finally, remove the window regulator.Ê

How do you remove the wiper arms of a 1994 town country van so the motor can be replaced?

at the base of the wiper the cover can be lifted so you can access the nut and remove the wiper. Once that is off you can remove the base cover to get to the motor.

How do you know if your rear end goes out on 1994 ford explorer?

Remove the cover and look for damage.

How do you remove front bumper cover 1994 suzuki sidekick?

Feck off big hammer!

How do you replace blower motor for 1994 Mercedes E320?

Remove monoblade. Remove bezel. Remove monoblade motor. Remove blower motor cover. Remove remove motor clip. Remove power connection.

How do you remove the rear speakers on a 1994 chrysler lhs?

Pop the speaker grills off with a small screwdriver, then there is 4 screw holding speaker in place, as you lift the speakers out unplug the connector.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

The fuel pump for the 1994 Jimmy is in the tank.

Is the rear speaker in a 1994 Camaro a sub or a regular speaker?


How do you tighten the side mirror on 1994 Chevy silverado pickup truck.?

Before you try to remove the plastic cover, there is a small screw that you have to remove at the bottom of the cover. When you get the cover off, there are two small bolts. The top one was the one that was loose on mine.

Where is the warning beeper in a 1994 Lincoln continental?

remove cover under stearing wheel and look to your right you will see a small box unplug and remove

Do you have to remove the timing chain cover to gain access to oil pump assemble on a 1994 Lincoln town car?


How do you remove the door panel to replace the speaker in 1994 Saturn SL1?

on my 95 SL1 the plastic screen over the speaker just pops off with a screwdriver. dont take the door apart if you don't have to.

How do you remove the radio from a 1994 Chevy S-10 pickup?

Remove the retaining cover from your 1994 Chevy S 10 pickup truck radio. Remove the radio retaining bolts. Slide the radio out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the radio.

When did Jimmy Stevens die?

Jimmy Stevens died in 1994.