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How do you remove the rear inner wheel bearing on a '74 VW Type 1?

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More information needed, and need memory refreshed. Do you mean the bearing that is mounted on the rear axle assembly, the CV joint bearing, or the bearing in the transmission. As I recall, Type 1 is a VW bug. Please verify.

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Replacing front wheel bearing new type astra?

Begin by removing the tire and wheel. Remove the and of the axle. Remove the wheel bearing nut. Remove the wheel bearing seal and the wheel bearing. Reverse the process to install your new wheel bearing.

How do you change front wheel bearings in 98 dodge durango four wheel drive?

With the 98 Durango safely lifted, remove the front wheel. Remove the locking hub. The hub removal is different depending on the hub type. Remove the brake caliper. Remove the axle nut, and slide off the bearing housing. The inner and outer bearings and races should be replaced.

How do you change the rear stud on a 2001 Acura 3.2 CL Type S?

If by stud you mean wheel stud you have to remove the bearing and have a shop take it out or rent a press and press it out yourself because wheel studs are pressed onto the wheel bearing.

How do you replace front wheel bearing of a 1996 dodge neon?

Jack up the neon. Remove the wheel. Unbolt the brake caliper and move it out of the way. If the rotor is a slide on type then remove it. Take the axle nut dust cover off, and remove the nut. Slide the hub off, and replace the bearing and race.

How do you remove front hub bearings?

It depends on what year, make and model of vehicle. Some vehicles have wheel bearing assemblies which must be replaced as units and some use cone-type wheel bearings. Generally, with either type, you must first remove the wheel, the brake caliper, and the slip-on type of rotor. Then the process diversifies depending on the style of wheel bearing involved and whether the vehicle is front wheel drive, rear wd, all wd, or 4wd. For specific details, you will have to ask a more specific question.

How do you change your wheel bearing?

Vehicle type and year is essential for proper answer.

What is wheel bearing replacement cost nowadays?

A wheel bearing replacement price rangers from around $250 to $400 depending on what model and type you are searching for. I hope this answer helps you.

How do you change the front wheel bearing on a Ford Falcon AU?

What you do is, you remove the tyre by removing the wheel nuts, then you remove the brake caliper by removing the 2 bolts holding it in place, and the brake disc after that. Depending on the type of bearing it uses, you may need a flat head screw driver to take the old bearing off. When you put the new bearing on, make sure it's properly greased before you put it back on. Then you put the disc back on, caliper and tyre. Make sure the disc is on the steering rack properly

How do you get out the old wheel bearing from the hub?

have it pressed out by a machine shop. also, try youtube and type in wheel bearing, there's all sort of guys with tricks that helped me on the different problems you encounter with wheel bearings, hub assemblies and what not.

How do you replace a bearing on 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback?

you need to be more specific. are you talking about a wheel bearing? there are a lot of bearings in any vehicle simply to change a bearing is to slide the one off and slide the new one on (obviously you require assitance in more depth ie. how to remove something to access the bearing) would need to know what type/or where of bearing is in that case

Do you have to repack the wheel bearing on a 2004 Jeep Liberty if you replace the back brake rotors?

No. The bearings are not that type.No. The bearings are not that type.

What would cause a rumbling sound from the back of a car?

It depends on the type of car. It could be a wheel bearing, differential (if it's rear wheel drive) cupped tires or possibly a drive shaft carrier bearing or u-joint (again, assuming rear wheel drive)

List the procedure you used to set and check the front bearings preload free play?

Need more information. Are you referring to wheel bearings, transmission bearings, differential bearing, etc. Also what type of vehicle is this? If your talking about front wheel bearing on a front wheel drive car, there are no specs or adjustments. Any play means the bearing is bad. Same goes for most 4WD vehicles. Front wheel bearing on a rear wheel drive also should not have play but if they are in good shape, they can be repacked and tightened to spec.

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1990 Jaguar S-type?

First year of the s-type was 1999. if this an s-type, remove the left front wheel and lift the rear of the wheel arch, there will be a plastic nut and screws to remove, behind the wheel arch and find the fuel filter secured with a 10mm bolt, remove the clips and replace them when replacing the filter.

How do you repair a thrown bearing?

Depends on the type of bearing and where it's used.Usually, it'll be more acurate to talk about replace than repair.For something like a car, a wheel bearing consists of:inner racerollers or ballsouter raceThe inner race is pressed onto an axle, the outer race is pressed into a hub, and the rollers/balls go inbetween them. To replace, you pull the inner race off the axle and the outer race out of the hub. Press on/in the new parts and you're done. The above is simplified, but the exact procedure varies from vehicle to vehicle, so I couldn't give it to you anyhow.

What would cause a bad bearing type noise in left front wheel area of a 2002 4 wheel drive Yukon XL.The garage said it is not a wheel bearing.?

Funny they did not say WHAT it WAS. jack up the wheel in question, alternately push and pull on the top and bottom of the wheel, if you feel play or clunking suspect that it is indeed a bearing. If it feels tight spin the wheel, if you hear the scraping it might be dragging brake pads or brake parts. next grab the shaft going into that wheel and try to wiggle it, if you get any type of movement besides spinning, or if it makes a sound suspect u-joint.

How do you replace the inner and outer wheel bearings on a 2000 Ford F-250 2 wheel drive pickup?

for front end bearings :remove hub cap, break lug nuts free, don't take them off until truck is jacked up and supports placed under frame. remove lug nuts, remove wheel ,remove bolts holding brake caliper to brake housing, wire caliper up to frame so as not to allow weight of caliper to hang on brake line , remove brake shoes, pay attention on how they are installed before removing all hardware , v springs, anti rattle plate, . pop off dust cap and remove carter pin, remove slotted nut lock, back off and remove nut. pull rotor assembly out slightly to free up front bearing from race remove bearing and put in container to keep dirt and contamination out , pull rotor assembly off spindle to remove back bearing and rear seal. if bearings are to be replaced, the bearing races need replacing. do not use old bearings with new races or old races with new bearings. you can use brass rod to knock bearing races out of rotor hub if you are careful. do not use any type of steel implement as it can possibly chip either race or itself and cause you an injury. it is best to have them pressed out and new races pressed back in . CLEAN INSIDE OF HUB REMOVING OLD GREASE AND CONTAMINATION. after installing new races grease bearings using high temp. wheel bearing grease. To work grease into new bearings, you can put large glob of grease into palm of hand .take edge of bearing and press it into grease until grease comes out top of bearing, keep pressing bearing into grease while rotation bearing until grease has come out the top of bearing inner race and bearing will be well greased . install rear (inner )bearing , install rear grease seal using flat bar or wood block to tap seal into place, don't try to install seal if going in crooked . install until outer edge of seal is flush with outer edge of rotor housing bearing bore. place rotor assembly onto spindle and install front ( outer ) wheel bearing into rotor assemble , place bearing retaining washer onto spindle then install spindle nut torquing to required first setting rotate rotor assembly , 2000 F-250 is 21inch pounds back off 1/2 turn and re-torque to final setting which is 18 inch pounds. this is from torque specs in Haynes Repair Manual . replace slotted nut lock and new cotter pin . check for free play both spinning rotor assembly and pulling towards you. if no free play reinstall rest of parts in reverse of way taken off. tighten lug nuts ,lower tire to ground and re-torque wheel lugs to : 2000 and earlier 148 foot pounds , 2001 and later 155 foot pounds.

How do you replace a front brake rotor on a 1994 Ford Explorer?

If it is of the "peel off" type Remove wheel Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts Slide and support caliper off the rotor Remove rotor should slide off If not "peel off" type Complete above steps and in addition Remove center hub (Spring Loaded) Remove gear should slide out Remove "spanner" nut Wiggle rotor outer bearing should fall out Remove Rotor

How do you remove rotor 1995 olds regency 98?

If they are of the "peel off" type: Remove wheel Loosen and remove 2 bolts that secure brake caliper Remove caliper and rotor should come right off If not "Peel off" type: Remove Wheel Loosen and remove 2 bolts that secure brake caliper Remove caliper Remove center dust cover from wheel Remove cotter pin Remove safety nut remove lock-nut wiggle rotor so bearings fall out and rotor should pull off

What is out-of-round?

I'm guessing 1 of your tyres? It means it's out of shape, usually causes a vibration or wheel bearing type noise.

How to change front rotor on 1991 aerostar van?

Should be of the "peel off" type remove wheel Remove caliper mounting bolts Remove and support caliper remove rotor

Where is the location of fuel filter on 2000 s type jaguar 3.0?

Remove the left front wheel and remove the securing nuts to the wheel arch(plastic wheel well liner) pull back from the rear and you will see the fuel filter under it.

How do you change the wheel rotors on a 2001 Alero?

Should be of the "peel off" type Remove wheel Remove Caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Slide rotor off hub

Whats wrong when driving down the highway taking a gradual left turn and your car shakes very badly but it doesn't do it when you turn right?

i would first check wheel bearings on front wheelsThere are quite a few possibilities; worn wheel bearing (that depends on the type of wheel bearing), loose wheel studs, tire balance, CV joint. Whatever it is, you should probably take care of it soon.

Should your rotors be loose?

Bad wheel hub bearing? If you are referring to the slip-on type of rotor, then yes, some of them feel loose on the hub and this is normal.

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