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You can just gently pull them up. Snap them back down when you are done.

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Q: How do you remove the rear speaker grill of a 2005 Honda Accord?
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How do you remove rear speaker grill from 2007 Honda accord?

look in the trunk next to where the speakers are there are probably some screws holding them on from in there.

Will a grill and hood from a 1990 Honda Accord fit a 1993 Honda Accord?

Yes, it should be a perfect fit.

How do you replace rear speakers in a Honda accord ex 2004. which wire is the positive and negative?

1- Pry up the grill by inserting the edge of a panel tool under the corner and prying up. 2- Remove the Phillips screws holding the speaker in place. Remove the speaker and unplug the connector on the back. 3- Plug the new speaker in, place it in the door and screw it into place. Place the grill back onto the speaker opening and press firmly downwards to seat it in place.

How do you remove the front speaker grill in a 1957 Chevy?

If my memory is correct, after you remove the 6x9 oval speaker you will see four studs that are attached to the speaker grill that have a small 1/4 or 5/16 nut holding the grill to the dash.

How do you remove the rear view mirror on a 2000 mustang conv?

Remove speaker grill, remove screw holding speaker, screws to the mirror are behind speaker

How to remove magnet from a speaker?

To remove a magnet in a speaker, first detach the grill in the front of the speaker, second unscrew the speaker after that remove the speaker from the cabinet and cut the speaker cone. Lastly, gently discard the magnet from the speaker cone.

How do you remove the speaker grill of a 1996 Maxima?


How do you take off the front door speaker cover on a 1998 Honda accord v6 ex 4 door sedan?

Take the whole door panel off. The grill will come with the door panel.

Where is the ac condenser in a 1991 Honda accord?

its in front of your radiator. take your cars grill out and you would see it

Where is the electronic control module on a 1992 Geo Tracker?

The PCM is located on the left side of the dash. Remove the speaker grill and then remove the speaker to gain access.

How do you remove the door panel on a 2001 Chrysler lhs?

remove the screws usually behind the door handle, also remove the cover tabs on the door grab on the panel and then remove the speaker grill and remove the three or four screws around the speaker not the ones holding the speaker in place.

How do you remove rear deck speaker covers?

Most of these are not removable. You remove the speaker from the trunk area, and the grill stays in place. You may be able to remove them from behind after removing the speakers if they are clipped or bolted in place.

How-to remove speaker grill from sony Bravia xbr6?

It's in the manual....I think it was on the second to last page. All you need to do is slide the grill to the right and wallah!

How do you remove headlight assembly on 2003 Honda accord?

This just isn't something that you want to do. Remove engine shroud, grill, bumper on the side that you're working on, inner fender fasteners - then you can get to the 4 bolts that hold the headlight assembly in. Did it yesterday - won't do it again. 5 hours :-(

Remove speaker grill 2002 silverado?

the whole door panel has to be removed, (pop the plastic behind the handle and remove the screw, pop the lock lever and remove the screw, and pop the window control handles off and pull up on the door panel) then on the back of the door panel there is a bunch of tabs bent down to hold the grill on, unbend them and the speaker grill will ease its way out.

Where is ECM located on Geo Tracker?

The PCM is located on the left side of the dash. Remove the speaker grill and then remove the speaker to gain access.Read more: Where_is_the_electronic_control_module_on_a_1992_geo_tracker

Where are the horns located on a 97 Honda accord you have been told there are 2 of them?


Remove rear speaker 19 96 Ford Taurus?

Go in the trunk. Reach up through the hole between the speakers. Bend down the speaker grill flanges (top ones). Go inside and pull out speaker grill from the top. Now you have access to the speaker bolts. Good luck! Matt G.

How do you change speakers on 2005 gmc envoy?

Remove speaker grill covers on dash to expose tweeters then remove door panels and you will se the rest of speakers

How do you replace front speakers in cavalier?

Not sure about yours, but on a 94 Cav, just pull the grill covers off,( they pull straight out), remove 2 screws, and remove the speaker, on a 94, the speaker is 2" size. Not a hard job.

How do you remove the Rear deck to change rear speakers in a 2000 dodge stratus?

REAR SPEAKER - JR41 Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. Fold down the rear seat backs. Remove C-pillar trim. Remove lower quarter trim behind rear seat backs. Remove fasteners from rear shelf trim. Pull out trim to access speaker. Remove speaker screws. Disconnect wire harness connector. Remove speaker (REAR SPEAKER-JR41). REAR SPEAKER - JR27 Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. Using a trim stick, pry the speaker grill from the trim panel. Remove speaker mounting screws (REAR SPEAKER - JR27). Remove speaker from trim panel. Disconnect wire harness connector from speaker.

How do you remove the speakers from 1986 GL1200 Goldwing?

there is a screw under the "HONDA" emblem covering the speaker grill. the emblem itself has a tiny cutout/notch on the right side that you put a small flat-head screwdriver and push inward toward where it says "Honda". it basically has 2 clips on each side but compressing one allows access. after that unscrew the speaker grill, and then unscrew the 4 screws holding the speaker in place. and that's it! note: if you mix the plug wires up when you take the speaker out, the positive wire has the line on it.. also the right speaker's cord feeds all the way through to the left side, so you should disconnect it at the speaker end because it is a pain to feed it back through the fairing.

How do i remove the front bumper on a 2004 Honda Accord?

Very easy. You will find 1 phillips screw on each side of the bumper cover. Remove those. There are 4 bolts size 10mm to remove. You will then have to remove plastic clips holding the bumper in place. 5 on the top and some more on the bottom. Yo also have to remove the grill. This video will walk you through the process.

Remove grill from Ford Escape?

There are 2 star head screws on the top of the grill. remove those and the grill will pop out.

How do you remove the front door panels on a 1998 Toyota T100 Extended Cab to replace speakers?

If the panels are like the 95 and 96 models, you don't need to remove door panels....carefully pop the grill covers off the door panels...there is a speaker mount behind the grill...remove the 4 speaker screws and your done. Start with the top of the grill and pull gently downward. There are metal clips on the cover and plastic hooks to the side which all hold it in place. Slow and careful is the name of the game here.