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How do you remove the rear speaker panels on a 1993 Chevrolet Pickup extended cab?

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Rear speakers 94 Chevy 1500

I am in the process of doing the same thing. From what I understand, you will have to remove the entire plastic piece, to include the headliner. BE CAREFUL! This may not be reseated to look as it was originally. This process will also include removal of the seatbelts, working around the rear window, etc...etc....

In other words...

It's a pain!!

Hey dont sawzall nothin man , its actually easy i just did my 97 chev you gotta first remove the top panel its on clips so be gentle i did break a clip but not a bad deal, then you have to take the side buckets out of the side, then theres 2 screws when you remove the ashtray take out your handle, take off the seatbelts its as simple as a hex bolt, then just pull the panel it will eventually just pop off, there is a panel also on the bottom you may wanna remove as well, i never even took the whole panel out i just pulled it back enough to get at the old crappy speaker and put some nice kickers in. also a tip for yaz, on the back of the panel remove the decayed netting that way youll get better sound and you can see the speaker it looks better.

I think I may sawzall the speaker grate out, remove the 4x6 factory and re-install an aftermarket 5x8 with a nice-looking grill that lights up! I wanted to do this originally, because I think some of the grills are really nice looking, and SHOW that you have upgraded. I plan to talk to a couple of shops before I begin my demolition.

2010-02-17 22:01:29
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How do you get to the door speakers in a 2002 Chevy pickup front and back extended cab?

Remove the door panels

What size speakers are in a 1994 Chevrolet silverado pickup?

Both dash and rear panels use 4x6 in speakers

How do you remove the front door panels on a 98 Toyota T100 Extended Cab to replace speakers?

You don't need to remove front door panels, the speaker grills come out.

Speaker sizes of a 95 Nissan pickup xe front and back?

4 inch on door panels and 5 1/2 in the back wall

How to replace rear speaker in a 92' Chevy silverado?

if you are talking about the extended cab, you have to take the 2 panels out and be careful doing so or you can break them.

What is the speaker size on 1996 Camaro?

The 1996 Chevrolet Camaro takes 6.5" speakers in the front and back seat speaker panels, and has a small amplifier in the trunk that takes a 3" subwoofer. Hope this helps (:

How do you remove 1994 Toyota pickup dash panels?


How do you remove the front door panels on a 1998 Toyota T100 Extended Cab to replace speakers?

If the panels are like the 95 and 96 models, you don't need to remove door panels....carefully pop the grill covers off the door panels...there is a speaker mount behind the grill...remove the 4 speaker screws and your done. Start with the top of the grill and pull gently downward. There are metal clips on the cover and plastic hooks to the side which all hold it in place. Slow and careful is the name of the game here.

How do you remove the rear speakers in a 1993 Chevrolet?

if it is a extended cab like mine, you have to take the seat belt screws out with a torx tool, then the right panel and the left being very careful because you can break the Plastic panels. you also need a clip tool to take the little plastic clips loose, it takes awhile on the extended because it does not take much force to crack the panels.

How do you remove the door panels of a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado? pass it on.......

How do you remove front and rear door panels for speaker installation?


Will doors from a 71 Chevy pickup fit a 67 Chevy pickup?

1967 to 1971 will interchange. 1972 will fit but has different inside door panels and hardware.

Speaker sizes for 2000 Ford Expeditions?

6x8 for both front and back door panels

What are the speaker sizes in a 1992 Pontiac Firebird?

4X6 in dash 6X9 in rear/sail panels

Can you take a front end replacement off a pickup and put it on another pickup?

If they are the same type of truck and body style then, yes you can. This is how body panels are repaired at body shops.

Will a 1996 model headlights and grill fit on a 1993 model Chevrolet?

yes, they have the same body panels

Where can you get front speaker covers on door panels for 1988 vw cabriolet?

e bay. or junk yard.

How do you change front speakers in a 2006 cobalt?

take the inside door panels off and then you can unbolt the speaker from the door.

How do you change speakers in a 02 Chevy Tahoe?

once you take the door panels off there is a black plastic clip around the speaker. the top of the clip has to be pushed down and the speaker flips out

How do you replace rear speakers on a 1997 500sl Mercedes?

You have to remove the rear seats to be able to remove the rear side panels. Then you have to disconnect the wires to the speaker, unscrew the speaker, then reinstall the new one.

How do you remove rear speaker covers on a 1998 Ford Expedition?

If your talking about the door speakers then you will have to remove the door panels to get to the speakers.

Front speaker size 1991 Ford Thunderbird?

front speakers are located in the door panels. the size is 6x8 or 5x7

How do you do you change a stock speakers in a 1996 Breeze to 300 watt speakers?

You will need to take off the panels covering the speakers, then you will unscrew the speaker and take it out, after that you will need to unplug the adapter from the back of the speaker and cut off the adapter at the end of the speaker wires, then just attach your little plugs to the end and plug it into the back of your new speakers. Screw everything back in and put your panels back up.-Shocker

How do you change 1996 jeep Cherokee speakers?

Thay are mounted inside the door panels, just remove the door panel and the speaker is held in with 4 screws. The speaker grille is part of the door panel

How do you remove the front and rear door panels on a 2002 Chevy silverado extended cab?

I too was looking for an answer to this question. I found an answer on this forum under 2002 Chevy Tahoe. These panels should be similar if not the same. Hope this helps.