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heyy this is all from memory so it may seem a bit general at times. We pulled a set out at a wreakers which was a bit time consuming but pretty easy. We were a bit inpatient and wreakless at times but then we had to be as the whole left side of the car had been totalled (not a nice site especially if you own a similar car). Anyways first what you want to do is pull the seats down in order to expose the screws for the carpet covering the back shelf and the plastic frame behind the seats covering the carpet. Once all the necessary screws have been removed (pretty much all of the ones you can see in the way (you might have to remove some of the plastic trim in the boot also)) you'll also want to remove any for the seat belts and the centre bolt for a child/baby seat belt. Next to get the carpet completely free there are some clips ion the top of the inside of the boot. These need to be unclipped and pushed in. In addition the rear centre light (if installed) needs to be unbolted. When the carpet is removed just unscrew the speakers, disconnect and there out.

Hope this helps even in the slightest

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Q: How do you remove the rear speakers from a 1999 Hyundai Sonata V6?
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