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How do you remove the rear speakers of a 1994 Nissan Sentra xe?



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You remove the lower seat cushion by pulling the white tabs toward the front of the car and then you lift up and take out the cushion. Then you remove the seat back by removing the two screws on each side of the seat and then you lift up the back and take out the seat. It may be really difficult to get out the back seat the first time, but keep trying! you then unscrew the button looking things that have an indent in them. You can unscrew them with your hands! After you unscrew those three you need to remove the brake light! All you do is lift up and pull it toward the front of the car and it should pop out! You then need to disconnect it by pushing in on the white connector. After you remove that carefully pull up on the rear deck and the little buttons should pop out. Be careful because they will try to fly all over the place! You then can unscrew the speakers. I used a ratchet with a Phillips head in it because of the back window. Make sure before you pull them out that you disconnect the wires, which you can get to through the trunk! There you have it! you have just removed your rear speakers!