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I assume you have already tried to remove all visible bolts and have found that it still will not come out. Well it has a single bolt from the back, I assume its Fords way of an anti theft device... There are three ways to remove it. First, you'll need to take off the seat belts, the top trim pieces, the passenger door sil, the cargo net holders, and then work your way to the big side piece. Then you'll just need to unhook the wiring for the amp and remove 3 bolts that hold the stock enclosure in place. Remove the entire side panel, pain in the back side. Second tear it to shreads and pull like hell. Third, try to turn counter clockwise a few times it should start to get loose, gently pull and continue to turn. It will take while cause its a long bolt. I have removed several this way. I would also wear thin gloves some pieces are sharp in there... Good Luck Robert Texas

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Q: How do you remove the rear sub woofer?
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How do you replace the subwoofer on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

how to remove the right rear panel for sub woofer remove

How do you remove rear head rests on 2003 e class Mercedes?

Main objective is to remove sub-woofer

How do you replace a subwoofer in a 2001 suburban?

Remove the wiring harness from your 2001 Chevy Suburban sub woofer. Remove the sub woofer retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new sub woofer.

What size is the OEM sub-woofer in a 2001 Lincoln Navigator and how many are there?

IT is a 8" sub woofer an there is only 1 located in the rear of the car on the passenger side.

What is the sub woofer size on a 1999 mercury mountaineer?

The sub woofer size on a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer is 5 inches by 7 inches. Speakers are located in the front and the rear of the vehicle.

How do you remove the sub woofer 1997 ford expedition?

I removed the sub woofer on my 98 EB Expedition. this is how i did it. you will need to remove the side panel from the right side passageners door, remove the seat belt hold down bolt, remove the side pannel connection points at the floor and the back gate. The subwoofer is connected to a box that needs to be removed first. this is not dificult to do, just a few screws. then remove the entire box and you will find the sub woofer is attached from behind the box. hope this helps.

Where is the sub woofer located in the ridgeline?


How do you remove the rear speaker in a 1999 Lincoln Navigator?

you have to the base cover off first. the speaker it self is screwed in to the sub woofer box. it will take about 30 minutes to take it apart it

What is difference between woofer and sub - woofer?

Nothing, people just say woofer for short.

What different speaker connections are there?

Left Front, Center, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Rear, Center Rear on some units and the Sub- woofer. Most sub-woofers have their own built in amplifier and should be connected to the Sub Output connector on the Home Theater unit.

Does the 1994 Lincoln Town-car Cartier with primium sound have a sub-woofer and where is it?

The JBL system does. It is in the large black thing surrounding the spare tire. Remove spare tire, then the amp, then the 5 nuts. Pull down the sub-woofer assembly.

How do you open the sub woofer compartment on a 2004 350Z?

The sub will for compartment has four screws. The screws are located on each corner of the compartment cover. Remove the screws.

What is the difference between a speaker and a subwoofer?

A Sub Woofer is a type of speaker, but the main difference between normal speakers and a sub woofer is in the range of sound it produces. A sub woofer produces the lower pitches that other speakers can't clearly put out.

Will an unpowered subwoofer work when plugged into an amplifier?

A passive sub-woofer does work when plugged in to an amplifier. In an active sub-woofer ("powered") the amplifier is built in.

What does 2.0 2.1 and 5.1 digital sound mean when referring to speaker systems?

2.0 is stereo or 2 channel 2.1 is 2 channel plus sub woofer 5.1 is 5 channel ( 2 front speakers 2 rear and 1 centre) plus sub woofer

How do you replace rear speakers in a jaguar xk-8?

How do you remove the interior panel containing the rear woofer in a 2002 jaguar xk8 coupe? thanks

How do you remove the magnet off of an 18 inch sub woofer?

tear the woofer down to just the frame and magnet,unscrew the screws from the frame thats going into the magnet then toss it in the oven to melt the adhesive

If you have a sub woofer do you need an amplifier?


Where can you buy a sub-woofer to replace a factory sub-woofer and fit in the factory hole of a 2002 GMC Yukon?

on factory actor on usa or on Europe the plaisio stores

Whats the most exspensive subwoofer?

The most expensive sub-woofer would cost around 2,000 dollars. The band of this sub-woofer would be JL Audio.

How do you connect a sub woofer to stock radio on 1999 gmc sierra?

The 1999 GMC stock radio has and auxiliary port on the back of the radio. Plug your sub woofer into the auxiliary port.

How many speakers does an 06 Jeep Wrangler rubicon have?

4 plus 1 sub woofer. 2 in front, 2 on crash bar. The sub woofer is under arm rest.

Where is the power plug-in for the AV 3-2-1 media center?

The power is actually on the Sub woofer. There is a power cord that connects tot he sub woofer and then there is a data-ish cable that goes from the woofer to the actual 321 media center. That carries the electricity as well.

What is the highest ohms a sub woofer can have?

4, the lower the better

How to Convert 2.1 speakers to 5.1?

You can't. 5.1 means 5 speakers and a sub woofer; 2.1 means only 2 speakers and a sub woofer.

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