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My understanding is that it's spring loaded and only requires a solid tug and 1/2.

** I can say from first-hand experience, ( Oct. 3, 2012) that no matter the hard "tugging" and anything else I did to make this move ( stem part only- mirror had fallen apart thus needing replacement); until I lost my temper with it, and yanked HARD, many times, did the stem move. There is no way to push in, and no way to pull backwards ( bad directions off another site) -Even then it only tipped up ( giving me hope). So I kept on and finally the stem popped off. It is held in place by a strong spring that has two pins that fit between a metal sections at the ends ( like a toilet paper roll with a spring in the center). Once off, the base is held on my three screws.

Looking at the base, it seems there has to be a tool Mercedes uses to remove these stems from the bases as it isn't easy to do otherwise. Two screws had actually snapped off the base and one was bent from my pulling off the stem. I can't believe Mercedes used such crappy screws that fell apart; and they looked to be flat-head wood screws, not even metal screws. I believe these are all over the car, as the latch inside the glove box also was held (or not- had to be re-attached) by these same flimsy screws. Now that the mirror is off and the base is back in place, getting the new stem to "pop" back into the base seems to be the next challenge. I couldn't get it to pop on easily at all. The plan is to use something and firmly (tap/pound) it into place. A rubber mallet with something against the stem base and one or more "taps" I am hoping will do the trick. This is a 1990 190e and everything plastic is literally falling to pieces: the mirror itself fell apart, the control buttons, seat control buttons, dash panel, center console; it's still better to fix, replace, and use the car ( if I can get it to consistently run) than get rid of it.

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Q: How do you remove the rear view mirror on a 190e?
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