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How do you remove the rearview mirror tab from the mirror if there is no screw?


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2015-07-15 19:05:46
2015-07-15 19:05:46

with a small screw driver pry on the metal tension and remove

I've noticed different mirrors have different tricks. On an '02 Nissan Xterra you can slide a hack saw blade between the mirror tab or "button" and a small spring tab you can see from the bottom notch. Slide it in around .75" until you bump up against another spring tab. Push further and at the same time pull the mirror up off the button


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It dips the mirror so that headlights from the car following don't dazzle you.

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I recently had to repair the rearview mirror on an '02 Nissan Xterra. It may be different, but perhaps it used the same technique. The mirror is connected to a metal "button" which is glued onto the windshield. In my case the glue had come undone and I had to remove the button from the mirror in order to re-affix it to the window. You can probably get the rearview off the button while still on the windshield in the same way. From the bottom of the housing there's a small notch where you can see the button and a small tab of spring steel. Use a hack saw blade or something else flat and long and slide it in between the tab and the button. Push it in around .75" until you bump up against another spring tab. Continue to push against it and it will release the lock. While pushing on it pull the mirror upwards off the button.

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Go to your tool box, and remove the largest sledgehammer you have. If none available, the back of an axe or other heavy blunt object will do. Approach vehicle from the front, vectoring your swing with the line of the mirror. SWING HARD. Wash, rince, repeat. If you look up from the bottom of the mirror there is a star head screw . Remove the screw and gently pull the mirror assembly away from the van, lifting up on the mirror slightly. Pull it gently until you see the wiring harness . Then take a small blade screw driver and pry on the tab at the bottom of the red connection tab to release the mirror's wiring harness from the van. Pull on the mirror wiring portion of the plug to separate it from the van. To reinstall mirror: Reinsert wiring harness; making sure the tab clicks into it's socket firmly. Then make sure the mirror slides back into the track. Press down gently but firmly on the mirror; reinstall the star head screw and you shoold be done. Happy Trails!

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Look for a set screw or Allen screw to loosen ANS 2 -In this type you may need a very thin small screwdriver to start poking the metal tab out, then pull it with pliers.

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Adjust the mirror so it is centered [left to right] but pointing upwards a bit to increase the space between the bottom of the mirror and the mirrow housing. Place fingers in space at bottom of mirror and pull towards back of car. There are a couple of snap-on fasteners that hold the bottom of the mirror in place. Pulling carefully on the bottom of the mirro will eventually separate these fastners. The top of the mirror is held in place by a small tab that sits in a groove with a piece of wire that runs across the tab. Bias the mirrow downwards to remove the tab from its grove. Replace by first positioning the mirror's fasting base [attached to back of mirror] so that the tab is located in its groove behind the wire that hold it there. Then push on the base of the mirror to "snap" its fastners into place. You will have to "wiggle" the mirror a bit so that it is positioned perfectly such that the fastners will work properly. Test that the mirror is positively fastned to the housing by moving it into various positions and lightly pulling on the mirror. NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the mirrow housing from the car to replace the mirror. This procedure works on the passenger side mirrow as well.

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