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The wheel comes off first then the caliper then the rotor just slips off. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you remove the rotor of a 1991 Sunbird?
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How do you remove an ignition switch that is jammed in the run position on a 1991 sunbird?

Never mind figured it out

How to change front rotor on 1991 aerostar van?

Should be of the "peel off" type remove wheel Remove caliper mounting bolts Remove and support caliper remove rotor

How do you change the rotor on a 1991 Dodge Caravan?

remove tire un bolt and hold the caliper out of the way the rotor just slides on the studs

How do you change the front brake rotor 1991 eclipse?

Jack up the front of your 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Remove the brake pad assembly. Loosen the brake rotor by tapping on it with a hammer or mallet. Slide the brake rotor off. Reverse the process to install the new brake rotor.

How do you remove the rotor on 1991 Ford F150 4X4?

special socket required to remove nut that retains rotor and wheel bearing. use impact gun . be prepared to repack and reset wheel bearing

Where is the crank sensor located on 1991 Nissan Stanza?

Inside the distributer. Remove cap and rotor. Remove plate and there it is- small plastic piece.

Does a 1991 Pontiac sunbird have a timing belt?


What type of oil for a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird?


1991 sunbird 2.0 firing order?


How do you remove rear rotor on 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

I assume that you have removed the wheel and so on. In order to remove the rotor you will have to remove the caliper and its bracket. Only after you will be able to remove the rotor.

What is the gap size for plugs on a 1991 Sunbird LE?


How do you remove rotor on a 2002 Ford Escape?

Remove caliper,rotor comes right out

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