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with a screwdriver

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โˆ™ 2006-03-03 05:27:52
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Q: How do you remove the screws for the locking clasp on the side door window?
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How do you remove the window crank on your 89 Honda Civic?

Well, to answer my own question... :-) There is a "U" shaped clasp that you pull off the crank right behind the handle. Very simple! Then.. when putting the window crank back on, just put the clasp on the handle, then push it on the crank! It'll click right in. Happy Fixin'!

How do you adjust a car door?

loosen #3 phillip head screws (2) on clasp on door pillar and push in to tighten door then re-tighten screws

What type of handbag is best if you're in crowds where there might be pickpockets?

A handbag with a locking clasp and a short strap would be best in crowds.

How do you take out your earring?

remove the back of the clasp thing and pull the earring out straight

Does this watch band stretch to fit over the hand or does it go around the wrist and latch?

This watch has a double locking fold over clasp on it. It is not a stretch to fit watch.

What is a tang clasp?

A tang clasp is the buckle style clasp commonly used on belts and watches.

What size stardrive do you need to remove double seatbelt clasp on ford focus?

You need a T50 Torx bit; I know, because I spent yesterday replacing the single clasp, and it's the same bolt.

How do you tighten a clasp on a wallet?

You can use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to tighten the clasp on a wallet. Gently bend the clasp to tighten it against the partner clasp.

What is the clasp on a necklace called?

The clasp is called a boob

Why is Adams clasp called Liverpool clasp?

The clasp is a modification of the arrowhead clasp used in those days. C. P. Adam was working in Liverpool Dental School where it was first used. Therefore the clasp bears the name of Liverpool as well.

What is the prefix for clasp?

The prefix for clasp is Unclasp. Meaning unfasten.

What is the past tense of clasp?

The past tense of clasp is clasped.

What is a sentence for clasp?

Her necklace fell off when the clasp broke.

Why is clasp on 14kt gold necklace attracted to a magnetic?

Probably because there is a metal spring in the clasp. It does not mean the clasp is not gold.

What part of speech is clasp?

That depends. A "clasp" could be a holding device, such as a "tie clasp." A tie clasp is the metal bar men wear to keep their tie in place. It could also be a verb. This is illustrated in the statement; "Please clasp your hands together."

How do you access the motor from inside the van of a 1993 GMC Vandura?

REMOVE POSITIVE SIDE OF BATTERY CABLES BEFORE BEGINING>>>JUST IN CASE!Hing the ash tray lid open...take the 2 Phillips head screws out...on bottom of cover remove the 2 phillip head screws...pull cover back 4 inches to remove the lighter socket plug and power mirror plug (if so equipped). Now you can safely remove the plastic portion of the cover. Now on to the metal cover. On each side of the cloth heat cover remove the 2-3 snap covers then remove the phillip head screws. On the very bottom of the metal cover feel the carpet for raised areas...under the carpet are 2 bolts on a hinge (use 1/2 socket on 10 inch extension with 3/8 ratchet) no back to the sides of the metal cover...there ia a clasp hinge on each side...lift the rear of the clasp (furthest side away from dash) and slide back.

Any added security has been arranged for this product?

As a matter of fact it does. This Movado has an invisible, double locking jewelry clasp for added security. Hopefully that helps! I've seen the clasp by the way, and its super-secure. This watch shouldn't be leaving your wrist anytime soon...unless you take it off of course (lame joke, agreed)

When was the rollover safety clasp for a brooch invented?

The C clasp was used 1900 and prior; the rollover clasp was used frequently and popular by 1910.

Is clasp an adjective?

No, clasp is not an adjective. It's a noun and a verb. As a noun: The clasp on her necklace is broken. As a verb: She clasped her hands around her knees.

What is a sentence using the word clasp?

I accidentally pinched my date when I tried to fasten the clasp of her necklace. He opened the clasp on the wooden box and looked inside. As I turned to leave, the old woman reached out to clasp my shoulder.

How do you put clasp into a sentence?

I fastened the clasp of her new necklace at the back of her neck.

How do you close fish hook clasp?

Simple! Take the hook and 'hook' it around the catch on the end of the clasp, then push the hook into the clasp to securely fasten.

How do you remove the backdoor panel of a 1992 Mazda 929?

The 1993 mazda's back door is attached with clasps all around the door. To remove it, simply pry around the edges. At the bottom, there is a verticle clasp as opposed to the rest which go directly into the door. This clasp has a screw which must be removed. If trying to unscrew this screw is not making progress, it may be the case that it has been stripped or rusted (mine was both). After popping all of the rest of the clasps, the panel can be lifted off of the door frame, with this single clasp on the bottom still attached. Once the panel is removed and this clasp on the bottom is the only one remaining, it can be pushed out from above.

When was Close Combat Clasp created?

Close Combat Clasp was created on 1942-11-25.

What does pat 4697315 marking mean on 14k gold chain clasp?

The Pat 4697315 marking on a 14K gold chain clasp is the maker marker. This patent number is used to identify the maker of the clasp. The meaning of this type of number is simply to show who manufactured the clasp.