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How do you remove the seat on a Harley Davidson?


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September 12, 2011 8:34PM

Remove the Phillips head screw behind the seat, lift the back of the seat up to clear obstaacles, and slide the seat to the rear to unhook the front.


Well, the above answer is correct for some models. It really depends on what model you have. Saying that you have a Harley is very vague

2007 or newer FXST two up seat often comes stock with a sorta large slot headed screw a coin will work to turn it. A 10$ stupid part so keep it tight and check it often. Don't use red lock tight on it unless you fill like burning the paint off your fender to get to the battery or wireing. Also when replacing it "two up seat" make sure the front tab is under the correct strap. You might have to bend the seat to get it in correct. ST