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Not required but you have to watch the manifold(s) & I would not do final tightening etc until head(s) cool. Since metal expands, you don't want to find out they are too tight to remove without breaking next plug change.

Try warming up the engine. or let soak with penetrating fluid.

they are located on the side of the motor probably a 12mm bolt it is tight job might want to remove air box and battery to do this

You can remove the motor mount and roll the engine froward or get an socket wrench and a long extension and spark plug socket will do the trick very tight squeeze but is possible with out removing anything at all

Just changed a plug this AM. Remove the right side panel. On top of the cylinder (top of engine) there is an orange or red rubber plug. Spark Plug is under this waterproof plug. Need a 5/8" spark plug socket and about a 3 inch extention to remove plug. Kind of a pain to get to. Tight area to work in. Good Luck!

This is a specialist job and needs to be handeled by one, Sometimes the head needs to come off. Take it to a garage.

Remove them, if necessary.

With a video camera and some leathers not as tight so you can remove them.

First raise the hood. Then locate the spark plug wires. DO ONE AT A TIME OR ELSE YOUR CAR WILL NOT RUN VERY WELL OR NOT AT ALL. Remove the first spark plug using a ratchet with a 6" extension (this prevents busted-up knuckles)and a 5/8" spark plug socket. Loosen and remove. When replacing with a new plug be careful how tight you get the plug, as you will want to do this again in 1 year. Oh, and by the way, you can apply antisieze compound to the spark plug threads; but please do so sparingly.

Remove spark plug wire boot from spark plug. Loosen spark plug using proper size deep well socket. Once loose, continue removal, by hand if desired. Gap new spark plug to 0.038" to 0.042: Install and torque to snug tight, then turn additional 1/4 turn. Install spark plug wire boot. See following links for more detailed information

finger tight then half turn with plug Socket, because most people don't have a torque wrench

not too tight where they break thats crucial , just make sure the guitar is in tune otherwise you risk breaking them

Change one at a time. Pull out the ignition lead and then get a 10mm spark plug socket. Unscrew and then screw in the plug fingertight. When its finger tight, tighten 1/2 a turn. Push the ignition lead back in and repeat on the rest of the plugs.

yes as long as the ends fit tight

The first thing you need to do is understand that there are four spark plugs in your 87 Accord. To replace them you need to remove the spark plug boot (the rubber end of the spark plug wire) by slightly turning it, to free it from the plug, left and right, then gently pulling it. Once you remove it insert the spark plug wrench socket over the plug and turn it counter clockwise. To install the new plugs make sure you check for proper gap. Then insert each plug hand tight, then turn with the socket and additional 1/8 turn to seat the plug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Then reattach the spark plug wires.

You underneath the vehicle at the back side of the engine. Start by removing the wiring. You need to pull them off. Be patient, if you do not havr the appropriate tool to remove the wires. Them with the spark plug socket you unscrew each spark plug, then remove it. You need a piec of flexible hose. You insert the lead of the spark plug into the flexible hose. Then with this hose you try to put the new spar plugs in their positions. You might have to stretch a little bit your arms. Once the spark plug is in its right position, srew it with the hose. Then the hose will come off. Use then the socket to tight it in place. Do this operation for the back side of the engine. The front is easy to install. Good luck

you get a spark plug socket or one of similar size to fit the spark plugs, then you just put it in the correct location and screw it in snuggly(not too tight cause you will break the ceramic casing), then connect all the spark plug wires

To remove rear spark plugs 96 olds and the like. first remove anything in your way from the top, be careful not to break electrical connection. Youll need a swivel ratchet with a long arm on it. 1 inch and 2 inch 3/8 extensions.Patience. The hardest part is removing the wires. I recomend changing the wire because chances are ull rip one out of its boot. (they were tight). Thats it , there was nothing special just a very very tight place to work.

Blue loctite will release with a little heat.

I just tighten them with a regular spark plug socket rachet. You should be able to feel when to stop tightening.

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