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How do you remove the starter from a 1996 Honda Passport?

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2008-09-06 20:31:25
2008-09-06 20:31:25

The only way you can remove your starter is to remove the exhaust pipe connected to the exhaust monifold, but it is so hard to remove the bolts from your monifold. Its either you strip the thread or break the bolts. I replaced mine recently which and did it the long way but less hassle. Remove the two bolts that holds the starter. once you got it done, start dismantling the starter in place. Start by undoing the solenoid then the gear housing. By doing this you can easily remove the pieces from that small work space. Dismantle your new starter the same way you did on your old one and start assembling the disassembled new starter in that small work you got. Before you do anything disconnect your battery terminals. Good luck

I don't know who posted this but man your a genius. I have the 4WD and it has no room. Taking the starter apart was a lot easier than the even thinking about moving the exhaust. I think you have solved this problem. I had the old one apart and out in 5 minutes. You need a 8 mm nut driver, a 9 mm nut driver, a 12 mm wrench. The new one took a little more finesse getting the solenoid back together because you have have to get both pieces up into the space then assemble, even so it was not bad. You really need to watch the gears, one has a loose bearing and race assembly that will slip out if not careful, just keep the gears pointing up. Pay close attention to orientation when you disassemble the old one. I had the new starter back together in the space in 10 minutes but it took me 15 minutes to get the darn terminal rewired, stiff wires. In hind sight, this can be done from the top after the motor is installed. Anyway thanks a ton man, you saved me from doing all that other nonsense. Talk about not designed for maintenance.

GREAT IDEA!!! I just did it with a 2000 trooper w/4wd. I used tape to hold the motor assy and long screws until I could get a few turns in, then took off the tape. Seeing the problem you had with the clip and pos wire, I hooked those up before mounting the starter. Did have that pesky small drain hose on the bottom of the starter keep getting knocked off. It does take alittle patience but not having to worry about busted /stripped studs and dealer /shop prices (was quoted 650 to 900)"if nothing else goes wrong". One poster on here claims it will come out in one piece, not possible on my vehicle. Thx a million for the post. The aforementioned idea of taking the starter apart to make it fit sounds like a quick fix for the lazy person who doesnt want to get their hands a little dirty, not to mention the possibility of ruining your starter or at least messing it up in a minor way that will eventually lead to a break down later.... I removed the starter just as mentioned by removing the exhaust. It was intimidating at first but all you really need is a little patience and common sense. I removed a small piece of the exhaust using some WD-40 to loosen the bolts and a large ratchet. Once that piece came off, the actual removal and installation of the starter was done in 10 minutes. If you are prepared with the right tools, you can have this done the RIGHT way in a couple hours tops. After all, if it was meant to be installed in two peices, dont you think they would sell it disassembled? All you need for this job is the following: A 1/2 Rachet with a at least 8 inches worth of extensions, a swivel elbow and 14mm-17mm sockets WD-40 or some penetrating oil A 10mm wrench (actually a small ratchet with a 10mm socket works best) 1 Tube RED gasket sealant I did also see a thread that mentioned sawing off bolts to remove the exhaust which is a bunch of crap! The removal of the exhaust can be done by taking of a total of 8 nuts: Two at the manifold, two at the first bend, and the final 4 behind the 02 sensor (these 4 need to be removed to allow room for the exhaust pipe to be taken off). Everything else is CAKE! dont fall for all these threads claiming it is a BIG job, it is not :)

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