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How do you remove the starter from a 99 Camry LE?

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December 07, 2009 1:08PM

The starter is attached by 2 bolts.

First, unhook the battery.

Next, the thing to the left of the battery holder is the cruise control. You need to move that out of the way to give you room to work.

There are 2 bolts on the starter. Try to soak with WD-40 to loosen them up. If you can loosen both bolts with a wrench or rachet set, unhook all the wires attached to the starter and remember where they came from.

The new starter will bolt on the exact same way.

Reattach the wires and put back the cruise control and battery holder, as well as the battery.

These bolts could be stipped if you dont use high quality six sided cup. If they in the process they are stipped get Craftman extractor cups which work flawlessly and install new high grade bolts with washers. These extractor extract the bolt instantly and extremely easy.