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How do you remove the starter out of a '97 Saturn SC2 1.9?

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Look to the right under R & R. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted a link that explains this in detail. Don't have a clue how to have it appear.

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If a 1997 Saturn SC2 19 dual cam sat for a week and now has no compression what is wrong?

Unfortunately sounds like your timing chain stripped or broke. Remove cam cover and see if gears are turning and if chain is tight

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How do you replace starter on Nissan quest?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.Remove the air cleaner lid and filter element.Remove the three air cleaner housing mounting bolts and remove the housing.Slide the B terminal protective boot back and remove the nut. Remove the battery cable from the terminal.Disconnect the S terminal lead connector from the ignition wiring harness.Remove the two starter motor mounting bolts.Remove the starter motor.The installation is the reverse of removal. Tighten the starter motor bolts to 17-19 ft. lbs. (23-26 Nm). Tighten the Bterminal nut to 71-79 inch lbs.

Will the 15 steel wheels from a 1999 Saturn sc2 fit a 2004 Saturn ion?

no, the ion uses 14's (this answer is no good at all!! I don't know who write that, but when you don't know, DON'T ANSWER!!!) (the max wheel diameter to put on a SC is 19 inch, i guess it's the same for the ion.) in fact, i just bouth a ion's wheels to put in my SC2 1999 saturn. now, Oem sc's wheel with 195/60/15 (winter) and Oem Ion's wheel with 205/50/16 (summer) Little difference between the wheels. The center hole, the SC2 have a lil bigger center on the disc/drum, so i have to modify a lil the oem mag of the Ion to fit. But if you put SC's wheels on a Ion, i suppose the gap will but too wide and the wheels and disc/drum will hold only with the bolt, not with the ''lips'' of the disc/drum. RVDownshift

Where is the starter on 19 92 Astro Van?

Underneath the passenger side of the vehicle. Apparantly it's 2 bolts to remove but you must disconnect the battery 1st.

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With a code 19 what would this make the car do if falty and is there a fix for a code 19 on a 93 Saturn twin cam?

Code 19 is telling you that the computer has received the correct pulse width from your crankshaft sensor. Either your crankshaft sensor is dirty ( the sensor opperates by magnetics, and has a magnet in the tip. this magnet will over time accumulate metal particles from your engine) or has malfunctioned. The crankshaft sensor is located on the back of the engine block, just behind the starter.

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What is the timing order on a 94 Saturn 19 twin cam?

The firing order is 1-3-4-2

Where is the starter on a 1993 Saturn Sl2?

Rear of the engine on the passenger side. Best accessed from underneath. Use Jackstands! Copy and paste this link for instructions. Wish I knew how to just add the link.

What are the tork specifications on a 1994 Saturn SL2 19 liter headgasket?

visit your local parts place and have a look in the manual.

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Remove and reinstall intake manifold on Saturn 19 engine?

First remove serpentine belt, loosen power steering mount bolts and remove, leave lines hooked up. Remove hose clamp holding intake hose to intake manifold from air filter. Remove fuel line and any vaccum hoses that wont remain with the manifold when it is taken off. Remove the fuel rail gently from the injectors. Remove all the nuts from the intake manifold, there is one nut down low on the passenger side of the manifold that is hard to get at and even see, I had to use a mirror so I could see to get my tools in place. Good luck

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How do remove the brakes on a 19 94 mercury cougar?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1994 Mercury Cougar. Remove the brake spring and brake caliper. The brake shoes will come off.

How do you get Saturn to reimburse cost due to a manufacturers defect during the casting of there 19 liter SOHC Head?

I would start by calling the dealer.

You have a 96 Saturn SC2 19 dohc you decided to change the plugs one day and the first cylinder on the left when your looking down on the engine was full of oil so you changed the valve cover gasket?

I have a '94 and did the same thing after I replaced the gasket. If it continues to leak oil by the plugs, re-torque the center bolts from the inside two out. If that doesn't work, get some gasket maker ($3) and smear it along the valve cover gasket inside the holes and wait for it to cure.

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