How do you remove the stereo from a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

Its really not that hard. You have to take off the dash so that you can get at the trim holding you back from the radio. Unscrew the defrost vent first. Pop it off and undo the hex screw underneath. Next, pop out the two side panels and undo one hex screw on each side, Not the brass ones. Open the glove box, there are three hex screws on the top part of the glove compartment, remove them. Then look inside the glove box, there is a hole with two brass screws inside holding on a metal bracket, remove those. Now you can take out the dash by lifting up and out. Then all you need to do is take out three more hex screws on top of the trim and it will pop off nice and easy. Now you should be able to get at the radio, two more screws and it is gone. I just did this to my 96 cavalier this morning. A couple of the screws are tricky, but it is easier than you think if you have the right tools. If you can get a hold of a hex screwdiver, then that works ten times better than a 7mm socket wrench. Most of the hex screws have the hex slot in the top but the brass ones will have to be taken out by the socket wrench. Good luck, if this doesnt help, try buying a schose stereo installation kit at wal-mart for like 10 bucks and it will describe it for you, its not really any better than the instructions i gave here though.