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You need to first remove the ash tray, then remove that black trim around the radio (radio bezel). To do this take a small to medium size screwdriver and gently pry outwards - do this at the top corners first. Don't try to yank the thing off; just get them to pop loose. Then go to the bottom with your hand pull forward around the cigarette lighter side, then once that is loose do the same for the other side. Then take your screwdriver and pry in the middle of each side. Once everything is loose, gently pry the dash off. It may give you some resistance due to the age of the dash and you may need to use the screwdriver to pry other areas. Once the radio bezel is off you will see 4 nuts holding the radio in place. They are at the 4 corners. They are metric in size.

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Q: How do you remove the stereo from a 1999 Toyota Camry?
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