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you have to remove the center console there are four screws in each coner of it if you tri to remove it by releasing the two screws under the cup holder and you pull ti you will break the dash because there anre two screws that are not visible from the outside just remove the center console then youwill see a couple of more screw and you will get to the radio good luck and be pacient

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โˆ™ 2009-05-21 19:39:05
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Q: How do you remove the stereo in a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?
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How do you change spark plugs in a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?

If your Diamante is the Dohc 6 cyl. motor in it then you have to remove the entire intake manifold to replace the back 3 plugs I did it in about 4 hours with not many tools and I am a female. So it can be done.

What is gas tank size of a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?

72 Liters, or 19 U.S. Gallons

Where is the water pump located in a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?

its in the midle of the head under the powerstering pump you have to remove the timing covers if you are going to change it i would recomend the you changethe the timing chain

Where can you find a stereo wiring diagram for a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

go to __aojedam

What is the stereo code for a Diamante?

the stereo code is for when car battery is disconnected from car and radio locks up the code has to be put in again the number is located behind glovebox in 1995 model

How do you idle a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?

It is at the back - look for the accelerator cable connection follow it thru and the adjusting screw is on the opposite side

How do you remove the dash board and console to access the radio on a 1995 Mitsubishi Diamante or is there an easier way to access the radio?

Pull out cup holder, remove two screws holding in faceplate, then pop it off. Screws for radio are how visible, remove them and slide the radio out! If you leave it out for more than an hour, you will need 'code' to reset it. (antitheft)

Will the ecu off of a 1995 diamante fit a 1992 diamante?

NO, they are programmed differently.

Where is the ignition control for a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante located?

Ignition power control is located on the intake driver side next to intake motor control looks like small module black color. This is for 95 diamante with 3.0 SOHC engine.

How do you remove a car stereo from a 1995 Nissan Altima?

Check this Web;

How to remove the fuel pump in a 1995 Mitsubishi montero?

You must remove the fuel tank to gain access to the fuel pump.

Should both fans turn on a the same time on a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?

No - not unless you are running the A/C. One fan is for the engine and one is for the A/C. Each has its own temp. sensor.

How to remove 1995 Mitsubishi montero starter?

Locate the starter at the rear of the engine on the passenger's side. Unplug the wiring. Remove the bolts that hold the starter. Remove the starter.

How do you install a stereo in a 1995 Buick Lesabre OR A WIRING DIAGRAM?

Connect the wiring harness to the back of your 1995 Buick LeSabre stereo. Secure the stereo with the stereo retaining screws.

How do you remove the stereo on a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

You have to remove the vent & bezel assembly from below the radio first, then the entire dash bezel from around the instrument cluster & radio.

Where is the stock stereo amp located in a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?

AnswerIt's located under the factory stereo in Premium sound models. Here's a link to show you where and how to remove it!Good Luck!-Shaun-

How do you set the timing marks on a 1995 Mitsubishi montero?

how to set the timing marks on a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

Is there a fuel cut off switch on a 1995 Mitsubishi Diamante wagon and if so where is it?

NO...but there is a fuel tank pressure switch that tell your fuel pump when it has the proper pressure to turn the pump off once pressure is achieved.

When was Mitsubishi Carisma created?

Mitsubishi Carisma was created in 1995.

How do you remove 1995 jeep yj stereo?

1) Have you tried taking the front dash off and checking the install underneath? I know my comes off easily (6 screws) and then the stereo was mounted with a few screws under that. 2) If you do successfully remove the stereo and it still works I may be interested in taking it off your hands :)

Where can you find the schematic of the stereo in a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage?

AnswerNot sure if this will help but try Or perhaps this will?

How do you deactivate the alarm on a 1995 Eclipse?

The easiest way to deactivate your 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse alarm system is to remove the alarm fuse. The alarm fuse can be found in the fuse box.

Where's the starter relay on a 1995 Eagle Talon Tsi?

should be under the stereo bolted to the hump. you will have to remove the cover , it is the relay on the left.

Where is the alternator on a 1995 Mitsubishi Diamante?

It is quite easy to find. Stand up in front of the car. Either Soch or Doch engine, 3.0 L, it is located in the right-end, almost-top of front engine, nearest to radiator.

What kind of engine is in a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse is the second generation model. The US version had a Chrysler 420A engine, and the Europe version a Mitsubishi 4G63 engine.