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How do you remove the stereo in a Jeep Liberty 2004?


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2008-11-10 19:41:02
2008-11-10 19:41:02

I have a 04 jeep liberty my self and I put in my own stereo. First you take the screw out under the climate controls. Then it's just a matter of slowly but with pressure pulling the (in my case) chrome trim off around the climate control, stereo and empty space where your screw is located. Then the stereo mounted in presently will have a screw at each of the four corners; remove those while holding the stereo in place. Then just un hook your antenna and you're wiring harness from the back and repeat process for the new head unit. For the new wiring harness there may be some wires that need splicing and reconnecting to your new harness. A.P. Dub


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