How do you remove the stock radio on a 2002 Mazda Protege?

The Mazda radio on a 2002 protege comes out just like the Ford radios.

First, remove the two plastic hole covers on the left and right sides of the radio. They are about half and inch wide; just jiggle and pry them out. Then you will see the holes where you insert what are called "radio removal keys." On either side there are two small holes separated by an elongated hole. Insert two of the radio removal keys, one in each set of the small holes.

You will need two of the U shaped tools, one for either side of the radio. Alternatively, you can make U-shaped tools out of lengths of still coat hanger. Cut them about four inches long, then bend them into a "U" shape with the points as far apart as the holes in the radio. Insert them until you hear a click, then push the left one to the left and the right one to the right. This will depress the clips that hold the radio in. While you're holding the clips out, pull on them and the radio should slide right out.

Check out this wiki answers page as well "How to remove and replace the radio from Ford Explorer?" Also a picture of the tools: (price is too high though)