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How do you remove the stock stereo in a 1991 Mercury Capri?


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2015-07-15 20:53:42
2015-07-15 20:53:42

hi, the four little holes in the front of the stereo are for 2 special tools. they are cheap (i think) and most shops have them around. it only takes 2 minutes to remove with the tools, so it shouldn't cost much to have a shop do it if you dont want to buy the tools. hope that helps

you can get the u shaped tools at walmart for about 7 bucks in the car stereo section wamong the installation kits.

I'll add you insert the two tools until you feel the first click. Then push each tool outwards towards the sides of the stereo which releases the catches. While doing that then pull straight out. The tools are readily available anywhere they sell stereos.


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To remove a stock stereo, you will first need to remove the bezel from the stereo. Then, pull the stereo out of the dashboard and remove the wiring harness.

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Remove the retaining cover from your 2003 Suzuki stock stereo. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the stereo.

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The stock stereo, from a 2003 Nissan Altima, can be removed by first removing the stereo front cover. Next, remove the four screws. Pull the stereo out and remove the wiring.

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Remove the decorative cover to your 2001 Chevy Lumina stereo. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness. Remove the antenna cable.

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screwdriver, and then pull hard enough to rip out the wires and then there you have it. the way to remove a stock stereo the theft version

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