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a set of Ford radio removal keys should be all that is needed. Eddie's TipsThey sell "OEM Stereo Removal Tools" at any Wal-Mart, Advance Auto Parts, Checker Auto Parts, Bumper To Bumper Auto Parts. They are horseshoe looking tools, you stick them both in firmly, until you feel it catch, sometimes it makes a clicking noise. Pull the radio out evenly and firm. Sometimes the tools pull out with nothing, or one may come out, or sometimes the radio comes out crooked and wont move. Just keep playing it with, it's sure to come out. I have also used SOD (Grass) steaks to remove them, pretty much anything you can find, that is hard, and can equally displace the presure will work great!

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:10:59
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Q: How do you remove the stock stereo on a '96 Ford Escort?
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